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I like how small town Waller is. Most of the people here, have been here for generations. I would love to see a little more diversity here though.
its a nice little town in the middle of no where with nothing really ever to do other than sit at home and watch tv where i live we dont even have reliable wifi so if your trying to get important work done then i suggest getting into your car and driving roughly thirty minutes to the nearest starbucks to get that important project done. The town itself like i said is small we live on a private airstrip with nothing around for 30 miles and this really sucks. not being able to meet up with my friends and hang out with them blows.
I enjoy that Waller is a small town that you can be happy in and nothing bad happens from my experience. What I dislike about Waller is that it's so isolated from everything as in if you want to go to a grocery store it will be an easy 20 minute drive on 290 which under construction is very sketchy. Other than having to travel a lot Waller is a nice place to live. Very close to Prairie View A&M University which is great as well.
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Waller is a good small town. I like Waller because if you needed to go in town you didn't have to drive far, but your not living in a huge populated area. I would like to change the food options. There isn't much good to eat except for Mexican restaurants and i'm not a fan of Mexican food.
is a small little town, were everyone helps each other in any way. what i would like to change is to make things closer to us were we can walk to them.
There's rarely any crime, I think the last crime (that I remember) was five years ago. But since we do live in a small country, crimes are not common.
I love the area that I live. It's in the country, which means good views of animals/af arms, quiet? Peaceful, great environment and also good people. Very low in crime, which is outstanding! I would live here, and maybe all my life!
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