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Walker resides within Grand Rapids. There are countless local family businesses that bring a sense of home to our town. I can honestly say I love it. I have lived in Walker, Michigan all 17 years of my life and have had a lot of exposure to all parts of the Walker suburb. Walker is a safe town, we have an appropriate amount of police patrol so it is extremely safe. There are vast amounts of nearby restaurants, convenience stores, specialty stores, hair dressers, practically everything you could need in a small town. Extremely nearby Grand Rapids, anything you can't find in Walker, you will find in the bigger city. I would highly recommend coming to live in Walker if you have a family or are coming alone.
Walker is a wonderful, tightly-knit community of very friendly people. The city provides many extremely helpful facilities to the public and anything you could need is readily available and nearby.
Nice quiet town but still has a lot of variety in stores and restaurants so you don't feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Neighborhood is great no crime or worries of danger. Great school smack in the middle of walker with lots of land so kids can learn about the outdoors a lot.
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It is a small community that is growing fast. It is close to Grand Rapids so you are near the excitement of downtown with the luxury of a small community.
Walker is a very interactive community. There are a lot of great events that go related to seasons and holidays like winterfest. There are several schools in the district that provide transportation and are easily accessible. It is very family friendly with many recreational activities like parks, restaurants and an ice and fitness center plus many housing opportunities. It is also more affordable than most other areas like living in the city.
It's small, but there isn't a huge difference between Grands Rapids & Walker. I've lived in Walker for almost my entire life. There isn't much crime, and the local public & charter schools are nice. IT's pretty quiet, even with the few busy roads.
Walker is a very family oriented community. I would love to see more events such as fundraisers and outings hosted in this area.
Excellent crime and safety protection. Always visible
Close to a lot of stores, parks, and school.
The lights aren't that great, neither are the streets and sidewalks, however, the police are always there for you.
While it is a nice place to live it also has some downsides to it. It definitely could improve it's streets and side walks, there is some crime that could decrease as well.
There is very little crime, even when there is its nothing big. There are a lot of friendly police that keep the area well maintained.
There are lots of things to do for entertainment, and the people are usually very kind. I would definitely chose to live here again.
Every once and a while a police officer does drive by just to scope things out but they are always very responsive and helpful. There is very little crime ever committed in this neighborhood.
I would definitely always live here. I love the neighbors and environment.
Great place to rest your head
Living in this area is very friendly and safe, I love it.
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I like this area. Everyone is very friendly. I would choose to live in this area over again. I think it is a great area. My only complaint is that there's not very much to do and see. I would rate this area at 8.5/10
This is a great area, i lived here my whole life. Although, there isn't much opportunity here.
Its Ok, not super but I like it
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