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What I liked about Wales is that there is a downtown and a main area for shopping or hanging out. I really like the park that this town owns since it has a disc golf course in the park. That park also has a big soccer field, four baseball diamonds, and an outdoor basketball court. The number one attraction at this town for me is LeDuc's Frozen Custard. It also has a nice grocery store. Traffic is light most of the time. This town is not too far from Madison or Milwaukee. The downtown of this town is a little too small. It does not even feel like a downtown.
I enjoyed growing up in wales because it was a nice safe community, but it is in dire need of more diversity.
This area is experiencing a huge drug epidemic so crime is becoming more prevalent.
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My overall experience of this area is pretty reasonable. However, there has been a huge drug epidemic that has struck the younger generations around this area and in this area which is causing a lot of silent harm.
Since we are such a small town we don't have very many attractions are the area. Once a spring we have an art fair on the bike trail in town, and during the summer we have a small festival in our community park. The only attractions we have in the area are the bike trails and state forests.
The community around here is very healthy and active. We have a gym in just about every strip mall in the area as well as stand alone gyms. The facilities are very clean and there is little to no wait to use any of the machines or weights. Since we have bike trails and the state park so close to here many people bike the paths during the summer as well as walk on them. They also go cross country skiing on the trails. We have competing hospitals in the area so no matter who you prefer you have access to a hospital that is less than 20 minutes away.
As far as I know we have had very little crimes in the area. I have not heard of any crimes involving breaking into homes or people being robbed. We have cops patrolling the area catching speeders and reckless drivers, mainly around the high school. The only concern that I have had in the 10 years of living in the area is vandalism on the high school which turned out to be intoxicated kids goofing around over the weekend.
Families tend to live in this area for a long time. We have great schools from elementary to high school. Since we have trails so close to where we live many people take their pets for daily walks and everyone is very friendly towards other people's pets. At our community park we have summer teams for baseball/softball, soccer and other sports for younger kids to participate in.
We have the Kettle Moraine State Forest in our area and Lapham Peak which is a state park. Both include winter and summer trails for different types of activities for year round enjoyment. The parks and trails are clean with very little pollution and litter.
Since the area that I live in isn't a large city we don't have many people living in the area and working here. Most people commute to Milwaukee for a job. The jobs that we do have in the area are restaurant jobs and they rarely hire, when they do they are looking for someone who can work year round so that limits the job market to high school students. It makes it difficult for college students to find a summer job when they come home.
In the area I live in you are unable to walk to most places. You need a car to get to the grocery tore and other stores in the area. We also have a bike path around here and where there is bike path crossing neither the biker or the driver slows down, they each expect the other to stop. Because of this there have been a few collisions but nothing life threatening. We are also expanding the main road in our area and this is causing traffic backups when trying to get onto that road. we are also installing roundabouts in multiple spots and this could become a hazard because people in our area don't know how to drive in them because the majority of the traffic in the area are high school students.
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