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Wakefield is very small but it is quiet. You have to drive 30 minutes to get into the city. Everyone here is very friendly, when they driver by they honk their horns, smile, and wave. There is also no crime, everyone knows just about everyone.
Most people have pets. Many people have lived here for 20 or more years but our neighborhood is getting more young families too. We have a neighborhood pool and lots of kid events and activities. There are lots of activities to involve yourself in, many that are not costly. There are increasing activities for older adults too. You can be as involved with people as you choose.
The average housing in my neighborhood is OK but was built in the 1950s or 1960s and they used very thin walls and insulation so you can hear people outside clearly and heating and air conditioning costs are higher than need be. There are about 3 different housing plans in the neighborhood and I am not wild about mine - a split-level; mostly because there is no bathroom on the main level. But houses and yards are well-maintained by middle and upper-income neighbors.
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Crime is low in this area compared to Washingtone DC where I lived before so I am not very concerned about it in my neghborhood. We have minor burglaries of items left in cars. There is more crime in other parts of the county but I do not typically worry about safety where I live and shop.
It's expensive but the whole DC metropolitan area is and Northern Virginia is still cheaper than nearby Washington, DC - you get a detached house and yard for the same or less money. Commuting to DC is tough and expensive but if you can work in Virginia somewhere, that would be ideal. Shopping is everywhere. It's very suburban which is relaxing compared to the 26 years I spent living in DC. Unfortunately, the area is being overrun by more and more people coming from other countries with limited or no English skills, parents with low-income job skills and children who are often behind in their education. This includes legal and illegal immigrants and refugees. This is causing a hardship on Fairfax County schools which are struggling to do more with less money and no additional state or federal money coming with the immigrants. Poverty is rising too iin the area. Finding work is difficult too. Specific skills are in high demand but they are pretty specialized. There is also a real divide in salaries. There are low-paying jobs (under $15 an hour) and then, there are high- paying, professional jobs, but not many jobs in between. Not sure I would choose to live here again but not sure where iin the US that it would be cheaper to live with more job opportunities and easier commutes to work.
I would live here again as the schools and the activities around this area are rated among the top in the country. I enjoy the suburb atmosphere, but I enjoy that a large city is within a decent area for day trips and things to explore.
Wonderful people, generally clean area, not a lot of crime, good family values, I was born here so I would definitely live here again.
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