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I was born and raised in Waipahu. I live in the Royal Kunia neighborhood. This neighborhood is a beautiful, suburban style place with a beautiful view of Diamond Head and Tripler Medical Hospital, also known as the pink hospital. Waipahu is a thriving neighborhood that has many places to eat and isn't too far from town. The people here are very welcoming, as well as hospitable.
I love my hometown. EVen if Hawai'i is an expensive place to live at, it is a good place to be surrounded by great people and GREAT FOOD. Living on the west side, or should i say not town side is great.
Safe environment to live in. It is a very quiet neighborhood and everyone becomes family. There are some areas that could be improved but residents have no control over it. For example, homelessness and trash on the side of the road.
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Waipahu is like any other good town in Hawaii. There are many food and grocery places in which you can choose from.
Waipahu is a very family oriented town. Full of culture and diversity. You can find many thing to do in the town of 63,000 residents. From shopping at the Waikele Premium Outlets, dining at many food establishments, many of them being Filipino, and even take a tour of one of our famous museum "Hawaii's Plantation Village" where they will take you back 100+ years to when the first immigrants arrived to work at the plantations to what is now called "Waipahu"
Waipahu is a very convenient community, the only thing I would like to change about the community is the safety of the neighborhood.
Waipahu is known for their Filipino culture: their food, their clothing and of course the people. Not to mention, the chickens that roams the area. I reside in the upper area of Waipahu - Kunia, Village Park. I've resided here for the past 30 plus years. I've watched this place grow from sugar cane and red dirt to more homes and more homes. The little shopping mall could use more stores being open. It has alot of vacant stalls (maybe the lease is to high) Otherwise, living here, I have seen many of the people come and go. Living in this town is a good town to live.
Where I live is a crowded area and sometimes it is hard to find parking spots and the roads are narrow. It is not a very diverse community because it is mostly filled with Asians and it is a very family-based neighborhood, which is good but because families tend to live together, it gets pretty crowded.
I have lived in Waipahu since the day I was born. My family has always had friendly neighbors. Sometimes time you might not get a good one but it'll be okay. There are many other ethnicities in Waipahu. There are filipinos, Micronesians, Hawaiians, samoans, etc.
What I like about living in Waipahu is that I live right next to the exit onto the freeway which makes going to school much faster. I love that I live near an outlet mall so I can go shopping on the weekend or drive over and get a late night snack. I also love that where I am located I am near Mililani Town Center where I can hang out with friends and watch movies. I also love that the recenter and softball fields are right up the street from me which makes traveling to games much faster and I don't have to wake up as early as the girls who live in town because the park is 2 minutes from me.
The one thing that I like about Waipahu is that is seems to have lots of different homes. It is also an afforable area of Oahu to live in.
My overall experience in Waipahu is, it's a very diverse city and meeting people who have different cultures are amazing. There are people like Hawaiians, Samoans, Micronesians, Tongans, Haole, Black, etc. and their culture is very interesting and amazed to see what kind of person they are. These people are the sweetest and most comfortable people that you get to interact with and bonding with different cultures other then your own is really life changing. Very humble and friendly to everyone and help out anyone who are in need of help. I would like to see more community event happening like cleaning up once in a while and plant more native plants in the area. More native plants will make the community look more stunning and Waipahu needs a new image. Were usual known for being "ghetto" and I would like to see a new background image that will make Waipahu look good in a way.
Raised in Waipahu, proud of where i came from. Although many people refer to Waipahu as the "ghetto", i am proud of where i came from because it has shaped me into the person i am today. It was rough growing up in Waipahu, but i wouldn't have wanted to live anywhere else. There is a diverse ethnic community, and a sense of belonging to everyone, no matter what ethnic background you come from.
I think that Waipahu is a decent living place. Its not bad nor good. My neighbors are pretty friendly.
I live in Village Park, the upper part of Waipahu. It is very calm & my neighbors are all very friendly.
As many people know Waipahu is known as the “The Getto”. With this I felt like I was going staying in a community that so dirty and filthy. Living in Waipahu for over ten years made me open my eye about being apart of a communtiy that has changes me. Waipahu made me realize what a family is and made me realize how greatful I am to have been in this community. Although people might be talk about how bad it is, the best thing is that I know what my community really is and with I am proud to be a resident of Waipahu
Waipahu is a decent place to live. I dont favor Waipahu too much. It lacks in diversity and economic growth. On the other hand, Waipahu has some very good restaurants that make some really good food for cheap.
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Although the up and coming rail system is major problem with its construction trucks and cones blocking the additional road lane, Waipahu town gets 3 stars for having Highway Inn and Elena's as go-to spots for good food.
I am a current high school senior, but I now attend James Campbell High School. No matter where I go, I am always proud to say that I am from Waipahu. The love, kindness, and strength that I have obtained all rooted from this community. Waipahu (especially the high school) is developing to become something greater for the best of their students. The teachers are supportive, the facility is excellent, and the campus is becoming nicer. The football field has recently updated to nice blue track fields. This development not only helps the school, but helps the students find more reasons why they should be proud of being from Waipahu. Waipahu has a strong Filipino community, and with this I see how close and comfortable neighbors are to each other. This develops a sense of collectivism in the community knowing that people will support each other. My love for Waipahu is unfailing, but I wish that the traffic and neatness of the community will improve in the nearest future.
Growing up in Waipahu was great! There were easy access to grocery stores, restaurants, and parks. The best part about growing up in Waipahu was my nextdoor neighbors. We grew up together which made my childhood so memorable. We had numerous sleepovers, dinners, and outdoor activities planned. However, I encountered two experiences that made the neighborhood seem unsafe. I was in the house when an intruder broke in. I could hear the the intruder open drawers, rummage through draws, and walk throughout the house. I was traumatized for months. I continuously thought that someone was breaking into our house. A couple weeks ago, a stranger went through my car that was parked in my driveway. I forgot to lock my car that night, and a intruder went through my compartments, took my sunglasses, and took my loose change. I thought that I lived in a very safe community, but the incidences that I encountered made me rethink the safety of my neighborhood.
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