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Community is small. Most people are nice and friendly. There are a lot of animals and a big park near my area. Down side is there is a lot of noise and some times fireworks goes off during the night time.
Waipahu is home to me. It has been my home for my whole life. Although safety in the area has become more questionable I know what areas are safe and what areas are not safe.
Waipahu is a rather old neighborhood, and many of its residents are of an older generation. However, I find it is very peaceful here, and we experience very low, if any, rates of criminal activity. We are also very far from town, which relates to a quiet atmosphere which I associate with our relaxed state of living. I value the fact that it is very far removed from the bustling streets of downtown Honolulu because it offers me a place to de-stress.
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I love Waipahu because the people here are so friendly. It's like living in one big happy family. The thing that I'd like to see change about it is, I would like for there to be more ethnic diversity.
It’s a good place to go to stores but the community makes me uncomfortable. I love the food stores. But there’s very little space for parking.
What I like about Waipahu is I feel safe around this area. I grew up here and I feel like I know everybody.
Waipahu has great food options meaning you don't have to travel too far to eat! It is very central to the rest of the island so makes it easy to travel to other parts of the island. Also traffic isn't too bad within Waipahu!
Waipahu is a nice quite town on the Leeward Coast of Oahu. You can find just about any kind of food your palate might be craving for: Thai, Indian, Local, Mexican and more! With the soon to be completed rail system having a major stop here, it will become easier to access from almost anywhere on the island.
Been living and attending school in this area for my whole life. The parks are nice, the school is great, and the people here all seem really nice. Some areas may not look the best, but it is still a nice place to be at. I personally never experience any sort of crime in this area, so I feel pretty safe here. I met all of my friends here. We often go to places to eat and chill at. We use to always go Little Caesars and eat by the public library. Nothing but good memories here.
I have been living in Waipahu ever since 2014 I think and over the years I have learned to love this place. My neighborhood is very nice and peaceful and the neighbors here are very nice and friendly. There are also so many things surrounded by Waipahu such as grocery and shopping stores, parks, schools, and many more.
Waipahu has the biggest Filipino people because mostly Filipinos were the one who works at plantation and farms. Waipahu is good city that has a lot of restaurants, cafe, fast-food, supermarket, pharmacy and some shopping store. It's also close to tourist places. The housing in Waipahu are a little bit expensive but I think it's affordable and this city has a lot of Job Opportunities.
Waipahu is a very family oriented town that is always growing! There are many stores and upcoming businesses that is a great attraction for many tourists and locals to experience.
It is very peaceful and not a violent city. Everyone of my neighbors are funny, considerate and nice. The food is excellent and everything that I need is a close drive in Waipahu.
Waipahu is not as affluent as other Hawaii's cities like Waikiki, Mililani, Hawaii Kai and Kaneohe. In fact, it's known to be one of the roughest places in the state. Everyone has different experiences in Waipahu. But this place feels like home because I am surrounded with people that connect with me through our common grounds of struggle. I live in Waipahu with pride.
The Waipahu area can be amazing. It is close to the outlet mall as well as several restaurants. There are several public pools and a ufc gym all within a mile of each other. There is something for everyone here! Between golfing, church, fitness and shopping, it is a great place to be.
Waipahu is a town where you can get the true experiences from the historic ancestries such as the Hawaii Plantation Village to modern day industry such as Waikele Premium Outlets. The community brings in a lot of aloha with diversity in people. It's also very unique in resources in stores such as Seafood City. It has all kinds of stores that is needed living in this community. Our one and only High School is also very well known to be successful because of the opportunities given in various programs such as Early College. Very great community with great people!
Waipahu is a generally nice area, but there are two sides to it. If you live closer to the outlets, you're in a better area overall, but there are many great shops closer to the Kam.
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I grew up in Waipahu and I've come to love where I came from. There are many diverse cultures and backgrounds that make Waipahu a whole.
Nice people and you will love it it is like your always at picnic smiling with whoever. I really miss it. I learned so much that talking about it makes feel so shady. When I was there I had so many friends that I enjoy their company. Waipahu is one of the many places that everyone is everybody’s friends and we treat each other as family.
I think the only thing I like Waipahu is the pride that everyone shows, especially when the high school has a game - football, basketball, etc. You will at least see more than one person wearing a Waipahu related gear to show pride.
Although they show pride of where they came from, there are still issues going around with homelessness. Many homeless people are scattered across the city of Waipahu. I would like these people to be able to find a home, especially that winter is coming soon.
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