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Great town of locals. Down to earth people with eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and homes. Fantastic Weather (like all of Maui) and close to Iao Valley for day trips.
People are very nice here. The temperature gets hot during the day but it gets cold at night. It doesn't rain a lot.
Wailuku town is chill. Cherry spot for families and animal friendly. No night life, few places to "go out" to so not for young single adults looking to party. Beaches nearby...
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I very much enjoy the atmosphere and closeness of Wailuku. I have lived here for over 12 years and I would have to say that it is truly a great place to live. I really like how, geographically, Wailuku is just about center to most places on the island, if you want to go into town, it's right around the corner, if you want to go to the beach, it's 10-15 minute drive, if you need to get groceries, the stores are plentiful. I also really like the coolness of Wailuku, there is almost a constant subtle breeze, and it makes for a very relaxing and calming day, no matter what you are doing.
Wailuku is a perfect town for me & my family. My work is in Wailuku and very convient for me. My family & I also lives in Wailuku & its surrounded by green mountains. What I would like to see change is the homeless & drug use being taken care of. Making affordable living homes available for the homeless families and more substance abuse shelters & counseling for those addicts.
Being in between Maui, Wailuku is very accommodating in commute time. The town is surrounded by amazing mom & pop, and local restaurants - Sam Sato's, Tasty Crust, Wailuku Coffee Company, Farmacy, the list can go on. Although I did not grow up in Wailuku, whenever I visit back home, this is the town that I stay in. It is convenient for shopping, eating, and driving to other towns. I would probably change the substance abuse problems.
One thing I like about Wailuku is the weather, its not that hot and not that cold. Everything is in walking distance. Its close to schools and there is always something going on in the community.
Plantation-style, single family homes intermixed with low-income housing complexes. Overall feeling of nostalgia when walking/driving through this town. People are, for the most part, friendly & approachable.
Along with my 7 years young son and I we reside on the beautiful hawaiian island Maui. Wailuku is where we call Maui our home. Wailuku Maui is a quiet, family friendly neighborhood. My child is able to enjoy the outdoors within our neighborhood knowing he is safe. We walk to parks in our neighborhood, enjoying the birds chirping beautifully as our Neighbors wave hello from their yard as they water their beautiful lawn. I had moved here from Honolulu, Oahu almost 10 years now. Being here I have noticed many changes on this beautiful island. There's been an increase in job opportunities, however there's also an increase in population here. There's been new schools being built, however there's also buildings being tore down, sugar cane fields being mulled over due to the closure of one our long time last standing sugar mill. Change is not always easy to assimilate and adapt to, however Change could be a positive outcome for this beautiful island Maui.
Although the cost of living here is very expensive, the quality of life, in my opinion, is better than most parts of the country. The weather is great with mostly sunshine throughout the year. The crime rate is low compared to other places thus raising a family here is much safer than in big cities and other fast paced areas. Infrastructures and businesses are booming but still maintaining the serenity of island living with its slower pace/ more relax lifestyle. Air quality and cleanliness of surroundings are still pleasant. This place is definitely a melting pot of different cultures and races living together in harmony. Hence, should I do it all over again, I will still choose Maui to be my home, the place where Aloha just never cease to exist.
The weather is cool at night. My neighbors are quiet people. My pets loves the shades provided here. And I've been living ere for abut 10 years so I'm comfortable with my place.
The cost of living is outrageous and half the people that you live by will be on welfare. Not everybody on welfare creates difficulties but in my family's experience, some welfare candidates make some neighborhoods unsafe. The weather is always moderate so it's easy to survive outdoors but people still drive like it takes long to get from point A to point B. There have been multiple shoot outs and car wrecks resulting in death, injury, or major public disruption in the last year alone. Middle school children have been expelled for selling drugs and our government is charging us for a rail, locals believe, won't be as useful as intended.

It's a beautiful place to visit, there's fantastic food, and some great people but all in all it is not the best place to live. You get the same environment for cheaper if you stay somewhere else.
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