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Waikele is very neighborhood friendly. There are many things offered here such as the gym, a mall, both fast food and dine in restaurants, an appliance store, and everything you will need.
I love Waikele it is such a safe neighborhood to live in and it is very close community. Everyone watches out for each other and we always greet each other with smiles.
My husband and I were in Hawaii for at least 2 months for medical reasons. My husband's uncle and family lived in Waikele for quite awhile and the short time we were there, it was an awesome experience. It was a very friendly neighborhood with walking distance to the Waikele Premium Outlet. If I were to visit Hawaii in the future I would loved to visit back there.
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As a young adult resident, I can definitively say that Waikele is a great area to live in. The community members are highly involved in community clean-ups and other service projects, and they are very friendly and supportive.

There has been a bit more crime since the access bridge to Waipahu was opened, but that does not impact my overall experience as it is still rare for something to occur.
Waikele is a wonderful place for shopping and eating. It is a place where people can come too and have fun and find awesome sales. During the holiday's you can find good deals and get more bang for your buck. I love coming to Waikele for the shopping and eating and it is close to home.
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