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I’ve been here for about a year . I attend the college in town called North Dakota State College Of Science . My experience so far has been really nice . The people are friendly and the town is really nice .
Wahpeton is a great town of approximately 8500 people. It is about 45 miles south of fargo nd which has lots to offer for shopping , entertainment, culture and sports activities. I live in a safe town , great place for kids and families. We have a great zoo , parks and community events
Police are fast to act in Wahpeton, however there is not much crime in the small town. There is very little vandalism here and, as someone who grew up there, I have never felt unsafe ever.
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Wahpeton is a small North Dakota town of about 9,000 people. Everywhere you go you know someone, and there's always a helping hand close by. You can leave your house unlocked and not worry about theft, or trust a neighbor to feed your pet for you while you're gone. You can borrow out tools and belongings without worrying about never getting it back and everyone there is friendly and happy. The town is growing due to the incline of job offers in North Dakota allowing our small town to have more new restaurants and facilities for teens and adults. It is a town with many churches and all different kinds of people, where anyone can feel at home. A new elementary school is in the process of being built now and the high school teachers are friendly and helpful. The Wahpeton Huskies are well-known, hard working athletes that compete against Fargo schools. The parks are clean and beautiful and the streets are clean. In the summer time, children are riding bikes all over the town and going down to the swimming pool. I would love to raise a family in a place like Wahpeton.
Even though people may not be out there with their lives, everyone will come together and support each other.
We may have some crime but it is nothing like a big city. Children can go out and play without being taken. Everybody pretty much knows everybody so there is no need for a ton of concern.
This is North Dakota. The weather does what it wants to do and everyone is along for the ride. We can ever get our hopes up for anything good or bad.
If you like fast food then this is the place for you. Say you want a nice sit down restaurant good luck finding one with decent food.
If someone dropped out of school they could probable find a job that they like but if you go off to further your eduction you may not look back at this place.
I can get the necessary things I need but when it comes to having fun around here everyone is driving elsewhere to do something because our town is very small.
We have very few unique restaurants and I don't know much about bars.
Average, just low on some things otherwise not very good.
It's very hard to find and get a job around here. Then one we did get, they didn't pay very well.
This town is not known for anything but i have only been here 2 years.
This town only has 1 restaurant open 24 hours the others close down by 7pm.
My step father has lived in the same neighborhood since 1964. My step bother has lived here and raised his family in my neighborhood his entire life. looking at my neighbors out of the 10 homes in my block 8 of them are independently owned by parents in one and child in other. A lot of the children left and came back to this neighborhood to raise families. I have never experienced thing like this before and most people I tell are surprised.
there is a major park/trail system here, biking paths, walking paths, and fishing opportunities on the river here are just a few of the outdoor choices. There are always offerings to do community events to do on a weekly if not daily basis.
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With the collage we have in my town they have open gym times in the winter for the community to use. There are walking trails and bike paths through out the community. The hotels if you would like to use their pools have daily and monthly rates for citizens here.
We have have 4 different fire truck locations with in our town. A 2 year collage and they have there own law enforcement team. Along with the county sheriff department and police force. It is one of the safest places I have lived.
In my immediate town main street is about 7 blocks long and not a wide variety of stores. Within 30 miles is a major shopping hub for the area and within a hour there is a town of over 250 k people and they have everything you would ever need.
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