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Wahoo is a great Nebraska small town. It is a great town to raise a family and there are many restaurants to choose from. I went to Catholic high school here and so spent many years hanging around town and there is no other place I would want to spend that time of my life in.
Wahoo is a small town made up of people with a similar view on life. The parents are old-fashioned and stick to their ways, while the children are more progressive and steer from the path. The town is a close-knit society of people who care about its inhabitants and the community.
Wahoo is a small town, allowing me to form close relationships with many of the people who reside there. Job opportunities in Wahoo are scarce, however, with only a few local businesses food places. It only takes a few short minutes to get from one spot in Wahoo to another, and the bigger cities are only a thirty minute drive away. There are two schools to choose from, Wahoo Public and Bishop Neumann, and both the students and parents from each of these schools are friendly and involved.
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For the most part I enjoyed growing up in such a small town. However, there is nothing for bored teenagers to do. Kids can go to parks, which there are many of in Wahoo, but teenagers don't have any sort of activity to do. When teens want to do something with their friends they end up getting ice cream for the hundredth time, driving around for hours, or going to Lincoln or Omaha to find something to actually do. Maybe if there were more fun things to do teens would be less inclined to resort to negative behavior such as partying.
I moved to Wahoo from Denver a few years ago. It is slower,safer, more rual and midwestern than Colorado. The people are nice enough and it's right in between two cities that really are not too far to drive if you crave a night out on the town.
The reason we choose Wahoo was so that when our kids go to college they can pick either Omaha or Lincoln and still be close.
I enjoyed this little town of farmers and all it's interconnections between friends and family. Wahoo was very clean and well-kept. One of the best aspects of this little town is it's two high schools. Creating rivalry being in such close proximity. It allowed for great sportsmanship and very exhilarating game nights. What I didn't like about Wahoo is it's lack of job opportunities and limited amount of activities to partake in. These examples are why I chose to give Wahoo a 4/5. Wahoo is a wonderful place to live.
Wahoo is a nice little community with the "small town" feel. There are two high schools in the town that provide great opportunities for education.

It is a growing community that is very welcoming and helpful.

One thing that could be changed is it seems like the community is stuck in the past and the town could add some new additions to keep up with the times.
As a person that loves the Musical Arts, I love describing my hometown of Wahoo as a small town with big city opportunities. Wahoo is small enough that you know most people, but large enough to support awesome entertainment sights such as an Aquatic Center, a Dance Academy, Youth Sports programs, and a new theatre that hosts performances of all kinds. I’m not afraid to walk at night by myself. I can easily see myself raising a family here in Wahoo and sending my children to go to school in the same classrooms that my grandparents, uncles, cousins, mother, brother, and myself have all sat in. Raising children with the small town values of knowing your neighbors and being kind but also giving them the diverse opportunities a big city offers is important to me. In addition if you can't find the opportunity here, you are only 20-30 minutes away from a larger city that can. But just like they say "There is no place like Nebraska"...there really is "No place like Wahoo, Nebraska."
Wahoo is the typical stereotype of a small town. I’ve lived here for more than a decade, and it has given me everything I wanted in a small town: I can play three sports throughout my years in high school and are given lots of community service opportunities. Everyone knows everyone. New information becomes old in a matter of hours in this town. It’s hard to not go to a place in Wahoo and see someone you don’t know. A big thing Wahoo is known for is the school rivalry dividing the town. You either wear royal blue or red and gold. That is one thing I would want to see change, but I know won’t. Parents, kids, and adults get too into the rivalry and can’t seem to look over it. But all in all, Wahoo is a great small town filled with familiar faces and excellent opportunities to give back to the community!
I love living here, it is so close to Lincoln and Omaha but yet far enough away to have a small town atmosphere.
Not a lot of options, fast food and a bar and grill. It is okay.
Local stores in area are okay, we live in rural community, you can get what you need if you run out. It is more expensive to shop here.
I think it depends on each individual./
Some homeowners need to take more pride in their properties.
Politicians are stuck because of each party not allowing anything to get accomplished
Small town, Fair time is fun, not a lot of attractions for tourists.
Wahoo is a very nice place to live and raise childeren. The schools are very good and the community offers lots of amenities from our aquatic center to a new library.
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