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Wade Township Reviews

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It is safe to bike or walk around, but there is no public transportation.
It is small and peaceful.
There are places I like to eat, but there are few options. Puerto Vallarta is good!
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Employment is okay. You can find a job, but it may not pay the best.
You can get everything you need, if not big towns are close by.
In this area, murder is not an issue. We have many people addicted to drugs, which leads to violence among them. Police are often around, but are frequently not needed
Living in central Illinois, the weather is unpredictable. Although we don't have to face the threat of wildfires and hurricanes, we do have the possibilities of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. One day it is subzero, and the next it is mid sixties.
Employment in my area is nothing spectacular. We have factory jobs for those who are unqualified for more. We have many teachers who are employed at either the private Catholic school or the public grade and high schools. We have two pharmacies and many random odd jobs. We have very few businesses with the white collar workers.
When it comes to variety, the restaurants in my small town are what some might call lacking. Although we do have several different varieties ranging from a Mexican restaurant to an Italian restaurant to four different fast food restaurants. Nightlife here is depressing. On week days, the streets roll up at 9 PM, and weekends are only about an hour later. There are countless bars, but they are inhabited solely by the elderly alcoholic men avoiding their wives and responsibilities. Overall, food and drink options are pitiful.
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