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I've lived here my whole life there just isn't very many things to do except drive around and go to Walmart. We have a YMCA but its kind of expensive.
Not much violence in our town.
Safe quiet place to live. Not much in the area for college educated jobs.
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Wabash is a good town overall. The job opportunities, however, have become very stagnant. The only real job offers are basically: Fast Food, Foundries/Plants, or Retail. The town itself is improving visually which is good, but after college, I don't see myself moving back there.
If you take away the crime and declining education, the area is a wonderful one. When I went through school in Wabash, the education was fantastic. I believe the downfall of education has come from the addition of computers from grades 3 - 12. The downtown area is growing more and more interactive to the public.
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