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This one is hard to rate, as we have a great police squad in the area, but the amount of crime has increased. As very people know, the number of drug busts and leads in our area is terrifyingly increasing.
As long as I can live out in the country, and there is enough farm ground around me so that the Amish can't turn the country into town with all of their house building, it will still be pretty okay.
There aren't many jobs in our area. One must often travel at least an hour for more job options or better pay. Most of the jobs in my area are minimum wage pay unless you were in a management position or work in a factory.
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There isn't a huge variety of stores in my town. This is because it is a very small town. The Chamber of Commerce is trying to help our local businesses grow. We live in an Amish community, so the local campgrounds bring a lot of business during camping season, but mostly just to the Amish stores. We have a few mom-and-pop type shops, everything else is just old businesses that have been bought out by other people. The quality of these stores isn't fantastic, but they do give customers a nice "rustic" feel. The variety pretty much covers the necessities and a handful of restaurants. The only big companies we have in our town are the Community Markets, ACE Hardware, McDonalds, Pizza King, and Pizza Hut
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