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I grew up in Voorheesville and am currently a senior at the high school. The village is charming with a diner, cafe, grocery store, and much more.
I don’t like some neighbors because I get a lot of complaints due to my dirt bike and they don’t realize riders put blood,sweat,tears into the sport
Great town to live it. Small, everyone knows everyone. Quiet, nothing really happens. The school system is great, though bullying seems to be a huge problem.
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I grew up in Voorheesville and found it a very nice place to live. The town is tiny but is not far from downtown Albany. The schools are good and classes are small. There are very few restaurants and no nightlife. It is a very small town community.
This is a great little town where everyone looks after everyone. Kids are safe playing outside and the school district is second to none. There is currently a lot of new construction going in too. This is a perfect area for young families as well as those with aging parents. Crossgates Mall is about a 15 minute car ride and Price Chopper, Shop-Rite and Hannaford are all within a 10 minute drive. The Albany Rail Trail runs through town and our section will be paved this year. It will allow you to walk or bike ride all the way down to Albany. The only draw back to the town is that everything seems to close down by 9pm. Still, a small price to pay for such a great area.
Voorheesville is a really safe, small town. No worries about crime or violence around. The school district is really good. The small town may or may not be suitable for everyone-it's kinda like if you didn't grow up here, you won't really ever "fit in". Many families and young kids around, safe neighborhoods to grow up in. The only downside is you can't get anywhere in under 10 minutes- besides the schools, Hannaford market, and some small food places. Hannaford plaza is a big hit- also Indian Ladder Farms, for apple picking and fall activities.
Crime and safety in Voorheesville has never truly been an issue. There have been two events which I recall, one vandalism and another burglary there, but I have never felt unsafe in my own town.
Personally, I had an excellent experience growing up in Voorheesville. The school system was small enough so that everyone got to know, and create bonds with, lots of people. It is easy to get involved in activities such as athletics and the arts. Yes, I may be away at college now (which I love!), but it is the greatest feeling to know that I also have a wonderful town and lifelong friendships to go home to. Personally, I loved my time here but if I ever have children I would choose somewhere else to raise them. I would not go back because I witnessed too many others have an unhappy time here. Due to the small community, it was occasionally difficult for individuals to fit in. They may have trouble finding their "niche." Furthermore, because of the exclusivity I would not want to move back. I may move nearby, but would choose a school system with a more diverse and larger community.
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