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Nice town, kind of boring but overall I like it. There isn't really anything to do, we are about thirty minutes from town and that can be annoying but there is lots of privacy. There is all kinds of nice natural beauty and I am close to family.
I was born here, raised here, and have raised my son here. Everyone knows each other and are usually there to give a helping hand when needed. I also love our mountians, nothing like spending the day with a bunch of friends family and fourwheelers.
small humble more road than town but home, far from amenities but to enjoy the queit and stars is all i want, 4 wheeling, dirtbikes, camp fires and relaxation are what to expect here, and some drunk hillbillies of course
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Small town outside of Pikeville. We have a local library, and post office. My family is from the Virgie/Robinson creek area I have lived here all my life. It's a quiet little town. Their isnt much to do unless you are working for the hospital in PIkeville or going to college. There isnt many jobs in virgie mostly dead end jobs unless you are a nurse or doctor, once again to work for the hospital.
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