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One thing I like about Vinton is how close not of a community it is and how people that live here take pride it our town and everything that goes on in it.
This small town is in the heart of Iowa on the Cedar River were people are friendly and it's easy to find your way around. The town celebrations include a weekend at the end of June and Boom Town at the end of August. Vinton is family oriented with a skating rink and numerous churches with youth group activities.
This area actually has a very very very low crime rate. Police are friendly, and you always see them driving around, Its a small town where everyone knows everyone and word gets around fast so not to many people want to embarrass themselves. Then again there is always a bad apple in every bunch so im not saying nothing goes wrong, just saying we don't have many issues around here
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I do not like to live in town, so i would not live here by choice. Also this area could use more businesses that had things to offer. Most everyone i know travels 40 minutes to a different town to get the things they need.
The area I live in is great, the people are wonderful.
It's a great place to raise a family. Housing is pretty reasonable; not a lot of career opportunities, unless you're looking for a low paying gig. I would choose to live here if given the choice again.
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