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Quiet city. Suburban lifestyle. Car needed. Cute diners. Great school system. Not too far from Philly, NYC, or Atlantic City. Ethnically diverse.
I like that everything is within close proximity in Vineland. I only have to drive about 5 minutes to get to anywhere.
More safety. More educational modifications and less politics. Love Landis Ave for families, shopping, and outdoor activities like car shows. Real estate options are varied and affordable for all types of families.
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Vineland is a seriously flawed city. The problems stretch far and high. The local government needs a serious overhaul before anything else is changed. This city has immense potential to become the hub of South Jersey.
Overall, pretty boring. There isn't much to do. If you want to go out with friends on a Friday night your main options are basically the movies or Drive-in (something Vineland does have going for it one of the few drive-ins left) and Applebees. Some parts of town can get a little sketchy too.
It's okay, not many store or places to eat. A lot of the stores to go to do not last, they eventually go out of business.
Vineland is forever evolving and growing with businesses and restaurants. We have Landis Ave where you can support local businesses. Also, there is always events that bring the town together such as Cruise Down Memory Lane, Christmas parade, and food festivals. Same drive time whether you want to hit the shore or cross the bridge to the city.
I love vineland. Friendly people. There is a lot of diversity. The jobs are average but its not far away from major cities like Philadelphia or Atlantic city.
Small town feel!! A lot of shopping and Dining in area. Close to South Jersey Beaches. Healthcare system in area is good.
I wish there were more recreational centers for young adults in this area. Besides a couple of places to go out and breathe some fresh air, there are not many places where middle and high school students can get together to have fun and socialize, such as going to a bowling alley or to an arcade.
I like the historical aspect of Vineland, but as time progresses, it slowly fades. Most buildings have been destroyed or became vacant. Additionally, there is no "family-friendly" activities to do here. The mall needs MAJOR upgrades and more things to do. Forced to drive 30-45 minutes away to enjoy a day outside.
I am a native born Vinelander and it will always be my home away from home. However, it needs major improvements. I can see that the City of Vineland team is trying to modernize and improve the downtown scene, but that doesn't improve the crime areas. I just want Vineland to be a safe, homestyle town for South Jersey. I love Vineland; don't get me wrong; but it could be so much better as far as an entertainment, yet safe town.
My fiance and I have recently moved here and I must say, it is a true joy. Vineland offer lots of shopping locations and restaurants. It is a short commute to anything you need.
I noticed living here for only 6 years that the community is not friendly. People are rude. The town is very dirty. Children's playgrounds are dirty with gang graffiti. I have had things stolen from my backyard, car, front porch, and I do not feel safe living here. I have two small children and I do not want them growing up in this community.
Vineland is a very quiet and peaceful city to live in, depending on where you are located. Although it is one of the biggest cities in size in South Jersey, it still seems like such a small world since almost all the locals know each other or have been to school together. It is a great place to raise your family and the schools here are great, offering lots of extracurricular activities to keep the students busy and reach for their highest potential and also programs to help both students and parents find the best educational tools for their children no matter what the needs are.
Quiet, small town feel with several shops and restaurants to visit. About 45 minutes drive time to beaches, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and Delaware. Lots of activities and nightlife surrounding the area if a drive is not minded.
Vineland used to be a very nice place, but currently Vineland is extremely impoverished. Vineland needs economic stimulation to improve and more activities for the youth.
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Vineland, New Jersey is a great city. No matter in which part you live you are always close to a store, gas station, etc. I do believe that there should be more activities to keep kids off of the street and not involved in crimes.
I have lived in Vineland, NJ all of my life. One thing that I have noticed is that over the years places of recreation have diminished and a lot of people say there is nothing to do in Vineland. When I was in elementary school there was an arcade in the mall and that no longer exists. There was a bowling alley which was burned down by a rival bowling alley one town over and was never replaced. In my teenage years there was an ice skating rink that was a great spot for young people to skate and hang out and that is no longer. I think Vineland would be a better place for young people if businesses of recreational activities were built again. It would keep the young people out of trouble by doing something positive with their down time and do away with the common claim "there is nothing to do in Vineland".
Vineland is a nice place to live. I love the neighbors I have. The shopping areas are within reasonable distance and there is public transit available.
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