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It is a nice quite town and has a happy atmosphere. I know that I would like to settle down in a town like Vilonia because of how it is still rural but at the same time there are still stores and can still get what is needed with out going out of the town.
Bill jones #4 worse landlord for me on housing assistance we’ve had privacy invasion, breaking n entering, thrift of property, everything illegal you can think of happen to me a single mom on housing assistance and victim of domestic abuse!!! Plus stalking !
Vilonia is a great place to live. The town has been through a lot with two tornadoes but the people always come back stronger and the community is very tight knit. Its a small quiet town but its not too far from Little Rock or Conway if you want to do something else.
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Vilonia is a small town that comes together when it is needed. It has been hit by two tornados since 2011 and the community helps each other rebuild each time!
The school is old fashioned (kids are not permitted to have unnatural hair colors/facial piercings). It is a growing town with much room for improvement, and it sorely lacks a variety of food joints.
Vilonia, is a small hometown good feeling city. People helping people and pulling together in tough times. Tornadoes hit this city and the community pulled together like family to rebuild and renew. Strangers came to help and now this town is stronger and even more beautiful.
The people are very kind and helpful. Everyone is everyone's neighbor and some will even give the shirt off their own backs to help you. Vilonia itself is small but it is peaceful so you never really have issues with sleeping at night. The schools are progressive; They always have in mind the future of their students and try to help guide them into bright futures.
This town is small and has almost nothing to do in it, although it has been devastated by two tornadoes. The people here are friendly and humble. This town is the typical small town, country scene but don't be fooled! There are still many great treasures to be found when it comes to living in a small town.
Vilonia isn't a bad place overall. The community is very close and help each other when it is needed. We do need more restaurants and things to do because as of right now, we have to drive to Conway or Little Rock just do be able to do something.
Crime is everywhere. On saying that, Vilonia doesn't really have that much. If you want to make bad decisions and commit crime then you will commit it wherever you reside. There are plenty of activities through the schools and churches to avoid being caught up in this. I feel generally safe when walking around town or home. Of course you have to aware of your surroundings, vigilant and use common sense. The majority of crime issues are due to drugs. People who are high or desparate to get more. This in turn can lead to home break in's, shop lifting, muggings and robbery. Stay away from drugs in & out of school. Be confident in yourself not to be a follower. Be independent and make your own decisions. Stand firm , be proud and make a difference !!!
As a high school senior, I love the schools in Vilonia. The soccer team that I am a member of is made up of great guy's with a lot of talent. Generally it's a pretty safe community. I do however always worry about my dad who is a Police officer in town. He is strict but fair. The community members are close, especially as we've been devastated by two tornadoes in five years. There is a lot of love here. The few stores that we have are well stocked and have good prices. There are some lovely subdivisions if you are economically able. There are reasonable rentals and of course trailers on the more rural parts. If you don't have a vehicle, then you can walk. This can be made a lot more difficult in the hot,hot, summer months in Arkansas. There are bigger communities within 20-40 minutes. These areas offer colleges, malls,movies,bars and great restaurants. Vilonia is in Faulkner county which is dry !! Little Rock, the state's capital is approximately 45-55 minutes away. Around 27 miles. I would definitely choose Vilonia to grow up in again. I've made some amazing friends and had the honor of being taught by some wonderful teachers. Although Arkansas doesn't always stand out as an educational leader in the country, I am proud and well armed for my future in either education or in life.
I personally think Vilonia is one of the safest communities nearby. There is very little crime and I have never felt unsafe here. The law enforcement here does an outstanding job with protecting the community.
Vilonia has had two tornados within the last 10 years. Through this natural disaster Vilonia as a community has grown tremendously. I would no doubt choose to live here again. The crime rate is very low and the school district is one of the best. I see Vilonia growing rapidly. Vilonia's future includes more business coming in, population growth, and more extra activities for the community.
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