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Its very rough and a lot of crime happens. I try to stay safe and stay clear of any crime happening
The overall buildings are nice, however it is extremely rough. I believe there could be a lot of minor changes that would make the community better.
Not much crime happens here. Police are everywhere and its hard to break the law.
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I would live here for the rest of my life if I could. The demographic is either college kid or grandparent so the safety is great and the quality of life is awesome. I see the future of this area thriving and being more populated.
The police are reliable but dont want to get involved in to many matters.
It is a great area to live in, if you are apart of the old fort myers group. It is nice to walk the beach and being close to Sanibel Island is amazing.
Not a very exciting place to live but has all the necessary comforts. Average in almost every way.
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