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Village of Clarkston Reviews

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Clarkston is a great city with lots of great people. It is an incredible close knit city with very little problems. Downtown Clarkston has a wide variety of restaurants and shops that make for an inviting environment. There is not much that I would change about Clarkston, it is a truly amazing city.
Clarkston has a small town feel without skimping on opportunities. There are many restaurants, parks, and fun activities to do!
Clarkston is a wonderful little town! There are many parks for walking and playgrounds for kids. The downtown is sweet and charming.
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I really like the family friendly atmosphere of clarkston. I would really like to see the roads in better conditions.
I like that clarkston has some pretty areas and the downtown area is a great place to hang out, especially with all the new restaurants opening. the one thing I would like to see change about clarkston is more nightlife and younger residents (18-25)
Clarkston is perfect for people who love small town vibes. Living in a smaller community gives the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. I can go to school and feel connected through sports, clubs, and feel safe in the classrooms. The best part of living in Clarkston is the support from everyone in the community to do our absolute best in everything we do. Not to mention, it is a privilege to live in a community where we are blessed with athleticism in every sport, so it makes the sports entertainment very competitive and on our toes.
great restaurants! good food! easy commute to work, everybody is friendly. Accesible via multiple main roads like I-75 and M-59.
Good sense of community and well being. Downtown has a nice selection of good restaurants however, parking can be challenging.
Very nice and safe area. Lots of business and nice restaurants. Wealthy and caring community. Nice schooling and parks for families.
It is a quaint but growing community with a great school district. It is close to the interstate (I-75). It is not too far from other good towns and cities that have events and shopping. The community is generally clean and usually safe. I do not feel scared to walk the streets or go out by myself.
The Village of Clarkston is unique in that it has a small town charm just outside of a big city, Detroit. Clarkston is quaint and it boasts multiple well-known restaurants that have even been on television. No matter how old I get, or how far I travel, Clarkston will always be my home.
There is a lot of things to do in the village of Clarkson. It's easy to get to because it's right of I-75 highway. There are many restaurants to eat at, or if you don't want to spend to much there is also many fast-food joints around as well. There's lots of parks to play baseball, soccer, and basketball at. The community is really nice, and you can find really anything you need there. If you cross the highway its a short drive to Pine Knob and DTE Energy Music Theater.
I have grown up in Clarkston for my whole life and adore it. The people, the sense of community, the schools, the restaurants. Clarkston will always be home.
I love the small town charm the town has to offer. Additionally, the variety of delicious restaurants is a great perk. I loved growing up here!
I've lived in Clarkston Michigan for 30 years and love it. We are progressive, our schools are wonderful and our children get a great education, and participate in outstanding activities that keep them engaged.
I absolutely loved my home and neighborhood while living there. I was sad to go. I had to move due to college, work, and personal reasons. I wouldn't hesitate to move back when I complete my college degree. I would wouldn't hesitate recommending to anyone about my satisfaction with every aspect of the city.
The Village of Clarkston is a beautiful place to live! Lots to do and eat and the store owners are very friendly! I feel safe exploring downtown.
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The village of Clarkston is continuing to grow. the people are nice the restaurants are great and the schools are phenomenal.
I love downtown Clarkston. The town has old buildings and homes. I would not change a thing in Clarkston MI. Beautiful parks and restaurants.
Clarkston has great schools and great restaurants. The athletic program at Clarkston is also top notch.
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