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I grew up in Villa Park and returned there after years away as an adult. In many ways, the good aspects of Villa Park remain: the prairie path, the historic downtown, the quiet streets and the affordability. The library will soon be renovated and the downtown seems to be attracting more trendy businesses so I do believe Villa Park is on the upswing. If I could change one thing, it would be the village's lack of priority on green spaces and prairie restoration.
Its a small town. Often people forget that its even there. Its hard to remember with all the towns growing around it.
Villa Park is my hometown. Its local and as "homey" as it gets. Everyone knows their neighbors and you can count on anyone for a helping hand. There are lots of activities and things to do and they are all located just down the block. If you want to do a weekend trip, you are close to downtown Chicago, lakes in Wisconsin and lots of state parks.
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Villa Park is such an amazing town! It has great middle schools and Willowbrook High School also has an amazing staff. I have been living here my whole life and I could not imagine moving anywhere else. Downtown Villa Park is pretty small but it offers some great restaurants and even a museum. The prairie path is a local favorite to go running, biking or just to take the dog out. The Villa Park public library also offers many books and a place for students to study and use the computers. There is also close proximity to Chicago, with a train going from Villa Park to Chicago.
Born and raised here, lots to do if you look for it. Went to public school, work and live here. Lots of families, pets and good community.
Villa Park has more diversity than most other suburbs. It's a place that's good for families and has many things to do for all ages. It's also very close to Chicago.
The local community is heavily involved with the local high school and this is nice to see. Maybe, the community can be involved in ways more than just the high school.
The town is quiet in some areas and more industrial and others the people are nice and there's a busy street that runs down the middle of it that kind of connects with everything else. I would suggest anyone with the family would enjoy raising their family here. What I don't like about it is does not have enough variety in shopping areas and the traffic is very bad.
I like how everyone is familiar with each other in Villa Park. Safety here is not an issue; the schools are pretty average.
The residents of Villa Park are wonderful, caring, helpful, and hard working. The village is mismanaged and its employees short sided, manipulative, and a drain on the community's potential.
Villa Park is a small town but very close to the city which is awesome.The schools are great and everyone has a lot of spirit. The cost of living could always be better but it is Illinois.
Villa park is a very quiet community which is a nice change from the busy area I grew up in. The town could have a more defined downtown space, making municipalities and stores more centrally located and less entwined with the industrial zones. The train is also easy to get to which makes commuting to the city easy. People who live here are friendly and take pride in ownership of their homes and businesses.
I have lived in this town 24 out of my 26 years on the planet. I always thought I'd want to leave as soon as I was able. Yet, the older I get the more I understand the appeal. Villa Park has a small town feel while remaining just outside of one of the countries largest metropolitan areas. Thats not something you will find often.
It is a quiet and kind of boring place to live in, but it it surrounded by other nice neighborhoods that have plenty to do.
Villa Park is a nice transition town for families that wan to live close to Chicago, but want the comfort of the suburbs. Turning around the outline of Villa Park you find that it is mostly homes with small spurts of businesses and schools spread throughout. This makes it a very enjoyable town for the simple things. The prairie path runs though town for you to take a walk or a bike ride to neighboring towns. The Small town center has a library and a few business set up in old businesses that were constructed in the mid 1900's. I feel that it has a very safe feeling. Your neighbors are friendly and look out for each other. The kids in town still play till the street lights go out in the summer. Since there are an abundance of homes, chances are you and your kids will always have friends near by. There is easy access to major highways that are close to Villa Park. You can also find a Metra train station in town that takes you right down to the heart of Chicago.
I moved to Villa Park few months ago. It is a nice and safe area, and people are really friendly. The only thing that I do not like, there is no really a downtown area where you have few restaurants, coffee shops, a bar or two. It is kind of spread throughput the whole Villa Park. If you want to go to a decent restaurant you have to go to Elmhurst, or Oak Brook, or Oak Brook Terrace.
Villa Park is a very small town, but it is great live in. There are several store in Villa Park, to go to. The schools are great and provide the students with good educations. There is a lot to do in Villa Park, there are two malls located nearby, and Downtown Chicago is just a short train ride away.
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Police officers are nice, but they don't seem to help too much. They are always around but never when you really need them.
This area is great because it is close to all the major highways and has pretty good public schools. It is also super diverse so you get to meet people from all over the world on a regular basis. Drawback are that crime seems to be staying constant.
the cost of housing is average, and its quality is excellent
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