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I have lived in Vienna my entire life. It has a great community atmosphere: small town feel but in close proximity to Washington DC.
A nice little town with various dining and shopping options. Need a car to get around. Nature is pretty in the area.
A medium-small town environment with all the opportunities offered by DC in reachable distance; the residents haven't lost their southern charm and hospitality either. The public schools in the area are consistently ranked top in the country.
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Vienna is a very safe, pleasant town. Definitely don't move here if you're looking for something exciting or fast-paced (and definitely don't move here if you're looking for good drivers). I'm grateful for everything Vienna has done for me, but it is fairly boring. Most people here are upper middle class families who moved here from somewhere else. However, it is a strong community and is extremely safe.
It's near DC, which is nice. I haven't lived here long, but real estate is really expensive here. It's a quite place, and kind of boring, honestly, though don't get me wrong-- there's still a lot of parties, etc etc.
Vienna is cozy, family-friendly, safe, and clean. There is always an event that the whole community gets involved in. This is definitely a place to raise a family.
A cute little area right outside of Washington D.C. It is a great place to raise you children with wonderful academics and community gatherings
I love living in Vienna, VA. It is quiet yet lively. There are plenty of family friendly activities and functions facilitators by the county and others sponsored by local organizations. There are plenty of restaurants that offer excellent cuisine as well as an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere. Antique stores are prevalent on Maple Ave and the historic Church St. I have resided in two different neighborhoods with the town of Vienna and had friendly neighbors each time. I highly recommend others to reside here.
Vienna is a wonderfully small town in NoVA. It doesn't have a necessarily "small town" vibe. It isn't really too isolated. In my opinion, it's more like a miniature city.
There are great places to eat, many of which line Route 123.
It's also very safe. People always take walks on nice evenings throughout the neighborhoods, even when it's past dark.
Vienna is a charming city, rich with interesting history and people. Magnolia Dessert Bar and Coffee is my favorite eatery in all of NOVA and happens to be in this delightful area. Public transit is great in this area with Metro stops near the best shopping areas.
Vienna is a nice suburb with only a few drawbacks. The area in general is expensive, but Vienna is even more so. Housing is very costly, but the location is fairly close to Washington DC and public transportation. Traffic is generally bad, the schools are good, and the location is pretty central to most things in Fairfax County.
The public schools are great, and it is a very nice, small, town that is great for families. There are a lot of great restaurants and places to go out, and the proximity to DC is awesome. There can be lots of traffic though if you are trying to use the highways during rush hour.
I feel very safe in Vienna as it is incredibly family friendly. There are many schools and places, such as downtown Vienna, which shops are all walking distance. As a George Mason student I am able to walk to the Vienna metro easily to shuttle to the university. Very clean city with residents who are very active.
love vienna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love living in Vienna! Everything you need is right in the neighborhood and walking distance. There is public transportation, trails, parks, dog parks, shopping centers, and retail stores. The Mosaic District nearby offers lots of great dining options, shopping, and entertainment. Vienna is near the city, but far enough away to avoid the tourist crowds and traffic. It's super easy though to hop on the metro and get to the city within minutes. It's a dog-friendly city as well. The school system is also one of the best in the state.
The town is so beautiful and there is so much to do within the town. The schools are great, the parks are nice, and the newly rebuilt community center is a focal point of the town.
Greatest place to grow up in the U.S. the area has so much to do. The town has a small feel but actually has a lot of people and things to do. The schools are very good and the students are very prepared to enter college. The area is very safe and is an ideal community. The cost of living is high but it is worth it.
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There are many good public schools, grocery stores, and transportations in Vienna. Also, there are many parks that you can hang out with your family and friends.
Nice homes, good schools, good food places, jobs, and shopping areas. However, the people here seem very rude, unfriendly, unkind and stuck up and their school system puts way too much of a workload on the students which is why they shouldn't give them so much stress and let them enjoy themselves. Since Vienna is a small town, you will constantly see food places everywhere. The food is good but what theyre missing is retail stores. I'm sick of seeing all these food places everywhere and I'd like to see more retail to shop and for students to get part time jobs than to go to the heavy traffic in tysons with parking as a nightmare. Also, Vienna needs more rennovations for milennials to hang out bc streets especially like Church are boring as hell! Also, we need more roads to cut back traffic and the homes here seem way too expensive!!
A very nice neighborhood. I enjoy the closeness and suburban community, however, the town makes it a local place where you can run into friends and family randomly. However, there is little diversity and the town is predominately white middle/upper class.
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