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I would like to see more businesses in Vienna. There is plenty of potential with the city being right off of the interstate, but there are too many empty buildings in town.
I wouldn't say they're bad nor good.
I wouldn't live here agin unless I've retired and waiting for my life to end. Sorry
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This is a small town , therefore there is not many jobs. I am a 20 year old that has been trying since I was in high school to find a job and still no luck.
This is a small town so there are not that many, but the ones that are here are okay.
We have one big event in the month of October that attracts people to our area and that's the Big Pig Jig.
Most people have lived in this area for years. The area is pet friendly. Just this pass Saturday someone put together is unity in the community and they offered free food and allowed the kids and their parents to just enjoy.
We had a tornado in 1999 and it really was devastaing to our community. Alot of people were displaced and had to stay in hotels nearby. I was only a small child then, and my family did inform me of the tornado. We really don't have that many problems with natural disasters in our area.
We don't have any bars/nightlife options in the community. If anyone would like to enjoy that type of life they would have to travel out of town to do so. It really could be better. We had a bar, but the owners of the property didn't like the way the people were parking.
Most people in the community works at Tyson Foods, where they deal with chickens. They seem to be making a decent living by working there. My mom has to travel to her job. Tyson is not a place I would want to work, unless it's in upper management.
The local businesses in this area could really be a lot better. I really use to it because I have lived here all my life, but as I travele to other cities, I can really see where my community really needs an upgrade. Most businesses you can not get everything you need. We have to travel out of town to do alot of our shopping.
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