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Vidalia is a cute quite town. There is not much to do but I grew up here, so it will forever be my home.
I am from here and alot of the businesses in town, their employees have terrible customer service skills. I guess it's difficult to find employees who know how to treat customers from a small town.
It's a decent city with good law enforcement and various places to eat. Numerous care dealerships. Numerous doctors offices an specialties.
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Vidalia is a very quiet family-friendly town. It has a small and close community that always gets together for fun events. There aren't many entertainment venues, though. Every year, there is an Onion Festival and fair where you can enjoy Onion related food products from the onions Vidalia is known for.
I lived in and loved Vidalia since I was 10. I have now 15 years later moved away and have had my eyes opened. This town is so set in its ways and the leadership and "big names" in town may not be the most qualified, but will always reign. There is very little opportunity for young adults to be successful. I could not have what I have in my new home in Vidalia. It would be impossible. There's no job opportunities unless you're a 250lb male wanting to work in a warehouse. This town also is filled with racism, by BOTH major races in town. It's double sided. No one can do or say anything without being heavily scrutinized. You cannot have an opinion in this town. Because people will think differently of your "mommy and daddy". If you were raised here get out. It's the only way you will have your own identity and stop being seen as just "your parents child".
Great little town, I live close to this town only 25 minutes away and I visit it often. My town doesn't have anything much to do so I come to Vidalia to watch movies or go bowling or maybe have a few drinks. Cute town and people are very friendly!
Vidalia is a beautiful town to live in. I grew up here and I love almost everything about how I grew up, especially the people and the environment. Most of the folks who reside in and near Vidalia are wonderful people to know and to be around. Most people are friendly and hospitable. Good down home southern pride and southern values are taught to the children being raised here.
I moved to this community two years ago. It's a small town and the people here are super nice and welcoming.
Vidalia is a town for older retired people. It's not s town for younger adults. If you want to expand your horizon Vidalia is not the place to be. That's why I'm due time I will be locating to a bigger and diverse city where I will have more opportunities for myself.
A southern town with tons of charm. The accents are sweet and the onions are sweeter. You won't walk down the street without a Vidalian speaking to you.
Vidalia is a small town in rural Georgia. We are famous for our sweet Vidalia Onions and our small community. We have great restaurants and a nice movie theater. If you want a relaxing vacation then Vidalia is a good place to start.
Vidalia is a nice, laid back town in rural Georgia. The town is very nice and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.
I have grown up in Vidalia, it will always be my hometown. I love how caring and sweet almost everyone is.
Vidalia is a nice friendly town, it has a lot of places to eat and it is a nice place for children to grow up and we have a good credit school system, we also have a college
The general atmosphere of this town is good, there is always room for improvement. With the hospital in this town it brings many people here for jobs. If I had it to do over I think I would had chosen a different place to live. The crime rate is at a all time high for such a small town. As a son of a military father I have traveled all over the world, seen many different places.
Like in every area, there are the bad things and the good things. There has only been one murder in my time living here, and crime most times seems handled oddly. If a person is caught stealing, they usually end up walking around the sidewalks of the police building, wearing a sign that says "I stole from this place." While that is usually handled, the safety on roads is what worries me the most. Police often times don't stop people speeding or acting dangerously on the roadways. They often aren't quick to respond to roadway accidents. Often times I can see a police officer sitting in their vehicle, watching as drivers endangers others by driving erratically.
The general atmosphere in Vidalia, Georgia is kind of run down. The buildings look old and uninteresting, and the roads are confusing and in some areas hard to drive on. However, the community of Vidalia works together and are a generally welcoming group. Ultimately, I would probably chose to not live here again, as the opportunities are few. Compared to other places I've lived, Vidalia could use a lot of work, and I hope that in the future it gets better.
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There isn't too much crime in our area. Every year, there are less than five murders in our town, and they always impact us greatly. Almost everyone has a connection to the victim, and the police and state officials are always responsive and do everything in their power to find the killers. As far as robberies, there aren't usually any.
I love where I live. It's a wonderful place for any age. If I could do it over again, I would choose to live here every time. Vidalia is small, and everyone knows everyone, but it isn't a bad thing. There's plenty to do here, like go to the movies, or go bowling, and there are a ton of locally owned restaurants. Vidalia is not similar at all the Atlanta; we don't have huge roads and a state baseball team and tons of job opportunities, but we are still great. We have a wonderful small-town feel, and everyone that comes here feels at home. We are the home of the Vidalia onion, which people love.
There is little to no social scene here for anyone children, young adults, adults or aging.
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