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Victor has always been a very welcoming and kind community. I have never had an issue with other people that I have encountered in victor. I have always felt accepted in victor by everyone to be who I am and I believe that other people in victor also would feel that way. I have always felt comfortable to be openly gay and I haven't had a negative experience in victor because of it. Everyone in the town of victor and in the school systems have been very accepting and have made me feel comfortable begin who I am. Victor has always been very accepting and is a wonderful place to live.
Beautiful Community 20 minutes outside Rochester. Great Mountain Bike Park at Dryer Road. People are very friendly. Schools are excellent, run very well and thoughtfully. Plenty of activities to do within the area.
Victor is a wonderful place to raise a family. There is enough here to entertain and live life to the fullest but it is small enough that it is a fairly quiet place.
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Beautiful Community 20 minutes outside Rochester. Great Mountain Bike Park at Dryer Road. People are very friendly. Schools are excellent, run very well and thoughtfully. Plenty of activities to do within the area.
Victor is a great community for all. It has many family friendly places like parks and activities. Also, it has a huge mall and array of stores and restaurants for those who enjoy those things. It also has many facilities for working out and sports for all ages. Finally, it is close to the city of Rochester making even more places of interest available.
I love living in Victor, NY. I was born and raised here and hope to one day raise a family of my own here. The only real drawback has been, historically, the relatively low degree of racial and ethnic diversity in the town. But with the recent growth that Victor is experiencing, I believe that it will become an even better place to be in the future!
Not very much crime. This area is home to many wealthy families.
This area is full of economic development. The growing population due to the quality of the school system is leading to new housing developments popping up on every road. Cold winters, warm summers. The area is generally flat with some hills. Lots of hiking and mountain biking trails, parks, and restaurants. New business everywhere. This area seems to be on the rise in terms of the economy and education.
Rochester isnt a great area for crime, but it has been on the upswing and is getting the spotlight for improvement. However, I never feel unsafe in the city as there are always officers nearby.
I spent my whole life in this area, and I'm happy with it! It's very clean and friendly, the kind of place where strangers walking down the street wave at you. I love that I'm a few miles from Rochester as well as Canandaigua Lake. It's a diverse area full of culture and I love attending the festivals and music events and art shows that are happening all the time. If I move in my future, I know this area will always hold a piece of my heart.
The food and drink is actually pretty good, I generally enjoy eating out.
I am applying to a variety of different places in town for the summer and all have been very friendly.
I haven't lived in Victor for very long, but the restaurants and small businesses have all been very friendly.
There are many great restaurant chains along with diners in this area.
There are many prestigious companies based out of this area such as Constellation Brands.
In this area the most popular place to go shopping is Eastview Mall. Along with the mall there is also a variety of smaller shops along Main Street Victor.
Not many crimes take place, but when there is a crime police are visible and helpful. Crimes tend to be low level and usually occur with the mall located within the town. Neighbors usually look out for one another and check in on each other.
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The police and Firemen respond relatively quickly to events that occur. When an accident occurs it will be cleaned up quickly and handled in a professional manor. The local representatives engage with people in the town and care about their opinions.
The weather conditions are usually very good for upstate New York. There are a few times a year that weather can be very bad, but usually the town is on top of keeping the roads clear.
There are options for those who are looking to eat out. However, sometimes eating out may come at a price. whether the price be waiting for a table or the price at some restaurants. There is no night life, there are only a handful of restaurants and bars that are open for late night eating. There are no clubs or places to dance.
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