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Versailles is one of the best small towns in KY. Not only is it close to Lexington, Frankfort, and Louisville, but it has a developing culture. Every year, high school students find ways to bring life into Versailles, and the environment here is amazing. While the culture here is good, there isn't always something to do, and a lot of people do travel for entertainment.
Versailles is a beautiful area, ideal for families or people looking to get away from city life. However, Lexington is very close, so you aren’t cut off from too much activity.
Guess I’ll start with the pros...short commute to Lexington & Frankfort (state workers), small town feeling, country roads/sightseeing, education is average, very family friendly, not a lot of crime

Cons...where to start...affordability (houses being built start out at least $250k), everyone knows everyone, overpriced homes, no entertainment (lex & Frankfort only 15-20 mins away tho), not a lot diverse choices food wise, have more auto parts stores than entertainment venues, a lot of close-minded folks.
If you’re 30 years of age or older with a good income & family this is the perfect city for you. If you’re younger with no kids & you don’t have any connections to the city, I would look elsewhere.
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I have been living here for 13 years. And I have loved this place each and every day that I have been here. And there is so much to see here, like farms and horses and livestock, it is just all around the place to be, and to raise a family!
I would like to see more activities to do here and overalll it was a great community very friendly and a safe area to be in.
I love the small town of Versailles, but sometimes it is too small and you bump into everyone everywhere and can't really have a sense of individuality. I wouldn't want to live in the big city though because I do feel a sense of community here that I don't think I could get in a large and busy city.
Versailles is an awesome place to live. It is safe. The schools are excellent and the residents are very kind.
People in Versailles are very friendly. It is a community that well show up in a time of needs. you have a lot choice for places to eat but you may have to drive for other entertainment .
It's a small town where most people know you. The type of town people know you as someone's grandson/daughter and your proud of the family connection. We don't have s Walmart but the is a Huge Kroger.
I love Versailles because it is a small town that is very safe, diverse, and peaceful. Although Versailles doesn't have a lot to do as far as going out and having a lot of entertainment in the city, it's very quaint and has just enough to make people happy. It's a very friendly environment and has a sense of calmness to it that makes it a great place to live.
I have been a resident of Versailles, KY my entire life. On any given Friday night in the fall, you can be cheering on the Yellow Jackets football team, driving the backroads to see some of the most beautiful horse farms this country has to offer, or visiting our real live castle on Versailles road. There is so much diverse culture and rich Kentucky history here! If you are looking for a place to live that is close enough to big city life to visit but to still give you the "back home" country small town living then Versailles is it!
I was born and raised in the small town of Versailles. It's beauty goes way behold the small family owned business and beautiful horse farms.
Versailles is a wonderful small town where people do not lock their doors. They are friendly. It is a clean town with enough shopping and entertainment that you do not have to go far. Our unemployment rate is low, and there are new businesses moving in this year.
Versailles is a very pleasant small, quite town. I have lived here all my life and plan to raise my own family here. The country side is beautiful and nothing beats the smell of the bluegrass!
Small town located right outside of Lexington Kentucky. The town is a safe community with a good school system but does not have much as far as entertainment goes. Luckily Lexington is only about a 15-20 minute drive away. Overall great small town I lived here my whole life and I can't complain.
Versailles is a very nice town which is very kept up with nice roads and houses. I'm very fortunate to live in such a nice town. There are many local shops as well as larger businesses in the area. The locals are very nice and friendly as well. There are many things to do in versilles or near the area. There is a ropes course, the horse tracks and Boyds orchard.
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