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This town really has nothing good to offer. Hardly any good jobs to offer, poverty, meth, and a poor school district. If I were moving to the area I would look at Eldon or Camdenton before I would Versailles.
Versailles is a smaller town in Missouri. Even though it is not the richest town, it does get by. One of my main wishes for Versailles would be to have more opportunity for job offers and a better education selection to choose from for your electives.
They have a good school district for younger children. However, the children would benefit from a variety of sports offered by the school district. Also, a community center for teenagers to congregate and spend quality time would be beneficial too.
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Great community that has unique experiences from horse drawn buggies to an Amish community right up to the modern conveniences.
Small town atmosphere, small class sizes and individual attention. Caring, supportive rural community.
I like Versailles, Mo. The Town is not very large, but is adequate. With it being a smaller town, we haven't as many job openings in my employment field. I will have to relocate. My mother is older and she is happy with a smaller town. Satisfied!
Versailles has been a great place to grow up. The community is very supportive and pulls together when others are in need
I have lived in Versailles, MO for most of my life. I moved here in 97 and still living there. I have graduated from the school district and it was a great school. Teachers there really cared about your grades and family. I would like to see more businesses come in and help out the community and priovide jobs for people.
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