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Verona Township Reviews

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Beautiful town with an amazing park, citizens are friendly and area is safe. A nice selection of restaurants as well and the surrounding areas are also suburban.
Nice place to grow up - great schools. Small town, not very diverse. Not much to do in terms of nightlife, but lots of great, small businesses around town, and close enough to places that have more options
Verona is quite a nice little town, not too loud, not too quiet, just right. Still it is not a very diverse town and can feel slightly unwelcoming at times.
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I liked growing up in a small, safe town in such a great area. It is nice being so close to major cities and the beach all at the same time. Public schools are great, and the teachers were helpful to the students.
Very safe town. I have lived here for 58 years because it is so safe.
Crime is very low. You can walk at night and not be concerned for your safety. Police are visible around town.
Most people that grew up here have moved back to raise their children. The town is a close-knit community with great schools, athletics, and activities. The parents are very involved with their children's academics/activities.
In the immediate area, not much work. But we are near New York City and Montclair (lots of work opportunities)
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