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Verona Wisconsin is known as Hometown USA! All you have to do is come visit and you will understand how welcomed you feel and you will want to stay a while!
Very loving community with a lot of opportunities for young children and new families. Growing rapidly and will only continue to grow with the construction of a new high school!
It's a beautiful city with lots of resources, a short distance from Madison, and a commitment to family.
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I enjoy living here though I feel that the cost of housing to job ratio is atrocious. My husband and I make over 100k a year combined and would never purchase a home in the area. Many residents are over educated and under paid or work as bar owners, GM's etc out of their field so they can stay and actually make ends meet. For kids this is a wonderful place to live. It is mostly safe despite a few rogue pockets that seem to be a little seedier. Madison is close and beautiful so it's nice to live by so many things without having to live directly in downtown Madison. Also, as someone from the west it's a drag to see a 4 or 6 lane freeway and have a 15 minute commute turn into a 35 minute commute to work because no one knows how to build a damn freeway here. . . The lanes are narrow and there are lights on well used incredibly dark semi-dangerous county roads. Middleton in much much nicer.
Close knit community with great academics and division one high school sports. I have lived there for ten plus years while being raised in the Verona Area School District. I the schooling systems everyone pushes you to be the best version of yourself. The neighborhood families are very close to each other and often host block parties. This is a very safe environment as the verona area police department is very good at staying on top of all issues within the community. You can definitely feel the family friendliness of the area. One can especially see this when the whole community gathers for the annual homecoming parade. Overall this is a great neighborhood!
Verona is a neighboring community to Madison, Wisconsin. It has a small town feel to it . It is a great place to reside for everyone. Verona is surrounded by rural farmland and is growing at a controlled rate, which is very nice. There is plenty to do in Verona and the surrounding communities!
Verona was definitely a nice place to grow up because it isn't too small that you were bored all the time, and it isn't too big which can be overwhelming at times. It's a good friendly city.
A beautiful town containing both urban and rural areas. With both charter and traditional public schooling available. Though the school's infrastructure is aging and almost at student capacity, there are plans that will be implemented soon to fix these problems. Contains a invested alumni in the Verona FFA chapter as well as a strong Axillary legion.
Ever since my family moved to my neighborhood in 2006, a vast majority of my neighbors have remained there. Very little has changed, besides the occasional move-in and move-out. Almost every neighbor has a pet, which can have its perks and drawbacks! My neighborhood is extremely family-friendly, which makes it an ideal place to raise a family. In spite of all of these aspects, I do occasionally wish that we would take more initiative to spend time together. Now that the younger kids have grown up, we rarely have time to spend together.
I am not scared to be out and about in my neighborhood, such as a late-night jog. My neighborhood has virtually no crime; there is little to worry about and I couldn't be happier, though I will admit that I often forget to appreciate just how safe my neighborhood is. It is unfortunate and easy to forget that many people do not have the same luxury.
Moving from the bustling streets of Los Angeles, California, I was beyond wary about moving to the suburbs. Would it be safe to take a walk without my parents? Will there be dogs running loose? I had no idea what to expect, but I can tell you this: I did not expect my mother to win an Ice Cream Block Party from Edy's after entering a nation-wide contest to see who had the "best neighborhood." I did not expect to have multiple babysitting jobs. I did not expect to become a dog-lover, and I certainly did not expect to be able to say hi to a random passerby on the way to the nearby tennis courts. The people that I have met surpassed all expectations, introducing me to a wonderful world of friendliness that I would have otherwise not have known. I don't know if many other Americans can say that they can call their neighbor if their door knob needs repair, or if they need to be driven to the airport at 4am to catch an early-morning flight. My family can confidently affirm all of these and more. I couldn't be happier to live in my busy, but still quaint neighborhood in Verona, where "friend" and "neighbor" are perfectly synonymous.
madison is becoming very gentrified. there are lots of new apartment buildings that are outrageously overpriced. the not-new apartments are overpriced as well but made of cheap crap that requires constant maintenance. it's nearly impossible for working class people to live decently and not go into debt unless they work over 60 hours a week (which means balancing two jobs). and i still don't understand how the price of rent keeps going up everywhere even though the supply of apartments has increased.
I occasionally hear news and gossip about gunshots going off or fights breaking out in parking lots like at the mall or bars but it's not a very common thing and i think it's generally involving people that are actually from chicago and not native to wisconsin.
there is a very mixed demographic in this area. it can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. depending on what industry you work in, this can be a great place to work, and there are always jobs available, but rent is really overpriced for the quality/size of what you get. i wouldn't mind living here the rest of my life but i think there are other places i'd rather live. it's become a great scene for local business, small farms, cafes and restaurants, and farmers' markets. as far as dining goes, you can find really good thai, vietnamese, italian, and mexican, but there are virtually no decent middle eastern restaurants, certainly no decent greek food, and not much of anything else exotic. it's very eurocentric.
Not many problems in this area. Police are very attentive when watching your speed when driving.
Everyone is very friendly and open here. Take the time to get to know people because everyone helps each other when needed here.
Police are constantly out watching over the town. I have never heard of anything happening in Verona.
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I would choose to live in Verona to raise my kids when I'm done with college. It is a small town with a wonderful atmosphere. People are friendly, neighborhoods are filled with kids and families all get along. The schools are great, and the support from the community for schools and businesses is outstanding.
Like any area these days there is some crime. However it is a safe place where children play in parks, people are not afraid to walk the nature trail and growing up we left our door unlocked most of the time.
I would recommend this area to anyone, especially families. Verona has lots of things available to kids. A beautiful newer library, indoor pool, out door quary for swimming, Little League fields, football and lacrosse fields. It's a small town right next to the capital city with the feeling of being tucked away.
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