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What I like about Vernonia is that my son can ride his bike down to the market and buy milk or sugar for me and he is very safe! I have gotten to know the business owners and folks in town, and people keep an eye out for each other. What I would like to see change is most peoples attitude about God. God is ever present, all the time and I would love to see more Vernonian's lift their voices publicly in gratitude and reverence for our Awesome God.
Vernonia is my home town, if I were to come as a visitor I would think that there is a lot to do, and that it is a beautiful town to live in. One thing I highly dislike about vernonia is the lack of activity for the youth.
I would like to see more population. To see growth. To see change and acceptance in "outsiders." I have experienced the good, the best and the worst of Vernonia. The government out here is in my opinion, corrupt. The good ol' boy system to boot. Monopoly plays a huge role in the business done here, and the bars suck. Good food, but a place to be drunk? Dirty and full of flies. Beautiful place to live however. Very green and full of animals. The water here runs clean and the fishing is great. Not to mention the minerals here are rich. The rivers are full of fossils and gemstones.
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Vernonia is a small quiet city nestled in the Coast Range of the northwestern area of Oregon. It is located in logging country and is surrounded by vast amounts of nature. Want to see deer in your yard? Then Vernonia is the place to live. There is one small market in town. It definitely has the small town feel to it. Although Vernonia has flooded several times in the past 20 years, there are a great many vistas above the floodplain that make living in this small city worth it. Make sure you know all the ordinances and rules for your living space though. Vernonia has some pretty rude residents who will get into your business without ever talking to you about their grievances first. They are few and far between, though.
There is a mixture of well kept and dingy homes. There are a lot of abandoned properties. However, there is a lot of land for a small population.
There are no big chains in the town. Subway is the only restaurant chain. All of the other businesses are small mom-and-pop shops. They are unique.
I live in a very small community. There are only a couple of businesses. The average citizen commutes 40 minutes to work in the local metro area.
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