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Great schools and neighborhoods. Plenty of shopping and restaurants. Take the 40 minute train ride to Union Station in Chicago or drive 30 minutes north to do outlet shopping in Prairie View, Wisconsin. Lots of local attractions, hiking trails and parks for kayaking, picnicking, cross-country skiing. During the summer months, there are many outdoor music venues that are free.
My Children and I have been residents for 11 years now. By us being multi-cultural, it's a nice diverse community... safe , with excellent school districts, plenty of parks, bike/ walking trails, and a big variety of shopping... the 2 biggest downsides is housing. It's too expensive... due to the high property taxes! Plenty of nature... and because of that a lot of "road kill". Skunks are a big problem here so be cautious late night/ early morning!
Vernon Hills is a great area to live in. Schools are great and very safe environment for kids to play and hang out. Lots of places to eat, with diverse options. Overall, great community
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There are a lot of things to do in Vernon Hills. They could have a more variety of restaurants, but I still like the ones that are there. The mall is a big attraction in vh. There is a lot of traffic and construction that could get better.
Safe, family-friendly Chicago suburb with good schools and plenty of places to eat and shop. There aren't a ton of employment opportunities, so most people commute to the city for work.
The school systems are very good, there are many different places to go eat and hang out with friends, and with the new mall being built, it has everything you could ever need!
My experience living in Vernon Hills has been very good. I have lived in a suburb of Vernon Hills for all 17 years of my life and the developments, school districts, safety, activity options, and job opportunities are all up to par. There are various opportunities that remain present in Vernon Hills for all individuals.
Vernon Hills overall is a very safe environment. The public schools around this area are also very good in preparing students for the future and providing the best education possible. There are many things to do in this area from restaurants to different activities for all age groups.
The working atmosphere and availability of entertainment opportunities is a huge benefit of this city.
It is a very nice community. It has a great school system across the board. From kindergarten to community college, students will be receiving an amazing education from teachers that truly care. The schools provide exceptional resources to the students. They provide after-school space for students that have parents that are still working after-school.
Vernon Hills is a good typical Chicago suburb. It has lots of parks and paths to venture outside. It is a great place to raise a family and has a great school system. There are a lot of fast food restaurants in the area, but not much else for nightlife. This means there isn't too much to do if you are a young adult.
This is a quiet northern suburb of Chicago. The schools here are great and there are many restaurants along with a mall and shopping. The people in this area are more family orientated and most of the housing is single family homes.
This is a safe environment. Quiet neighborhood. Neighbors are friendly. Great school system. Lots of shopping and restaurants
I have lived in and around Vernon Hills for my entire life. It has a great suburban feel with the activity of close to a city. It is about 20 miles from the city of Chicago, but the amount of stores and activities within the suburb make it easy to stay put!
Great area! It's pretty safe, pretty diverse. It's safe to say that it's mostly a privileged area. Restaurants and shopping boutiques/corners are everywhere!
I enjoy this town because of the diversity. In high school, everyone was so different and there were many kinds of people living here. All with unique religions, race, sexual orientation, etc. There are many kinds of people to meet and get to know.
I lived in Vernon Hills for a couple of years now, and I must say I really like the small community. The town itself seems very safe, and from talking to several police officials, the crime rate is also low. Some of the improvements such as on Milwaukee Avenue makes driving much more comfortable, although there are still many holes to be filled on other streets.
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Vernon Hills provides a family friendly environment. The one thing that I would change about Vernon Hills is how boring it is. There are not many places for teens to go and just hang out so they are forced to drive far away. Other than that Vernon Hills is friendly and safe and provides a lovely high middle class environment.
Vernon Hills is a great place to live because the schools are amazing and it is very safe. There are many place to run, walk, and exercise. Also, there are great restaurants to choose from.
There is easy access to everything! Close to Metra Train station, Hawthorn Mall, numerous restaurants on Milwaukee and Townline 60, Vernon Area Library, and GREAT public schools!
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