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David dobrik is from here what more do u want. also, Chicago is a great city to live by. very fun yay
small and friendly community with excellent parks and swimming pool. love playing golf in greggs and hanging out with my friends.
Vernon Hills is a relatively small town that is very new and modern. The schools here are above average and have given me a very good education. The restaurant choices in this area are not great, as most of the restuarants here are huge chains and fast food. The stores here are also mostly chains. The neighborhoods here are very quiet, and the nightlife is practically nonexistent. The great thing about Vernon Hills is the trails and how much nature there is. This is a very nice place to grow up in.
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I love my hometown. The sense of community support here is strong. It is a clean town with beautiful homes and many shops.
Vernon Hills is a very quiet town. It's not as busy as you see in Chicago. It's not as diverse either. The high school is very educational and has really great teachers that are willing to take their time to help you with whatever you need.
Most of the people around are friendly and they respect your space. We all help each other out, and where I live, there's a Gregg's landing article that comes out to neighborhoods in the area. I'm about the people around us and their children if they chose to be featured in it.
It's boring here. Everybody knows everyone's business. And it has a Friday Night Lights mixed w/ wanna be the north-shore vibe. Friday night football is a thing as is dining out and drinks with friends. The mall is dead. We have mattress and hardware stores everywhere (it's a community joke), with excessive grocery stores being built now. We have Marianos, Trader Joes, Aldi, Whole Foods and Jewel-Osco all on the same damn road withing 5 min. of each other. If you CrossFit (and post your workout on Facebook), follow the Keto, Low-carb or Food Fuels diet, have blond hair, and wear designer jeans, you'll fit right in. Oh, and district 73 is awful but district 128 is stellar, mostly.
Vernon Hills is a great place to live with good schools and great retail and restaurants. Nearby towns have good schools and retail as well.
The city is clean, and there are lots of amenities, and there are many parks as well. However, it is not easy to get a job near Vernon Hills.
Overall, pretty great area. I moved here because it had decent safety reviews. The surrounding shopping is building up pretty quickly and is easily accessible.
Vernon Hills is a shopping mecca in the northern suburbs of Chicago. With easy access to the interstate, we have stores and restaurants galore and all the traffic that goes with it. It would be nice to see some farm-to-table dining rather than chain restaurants. We have Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, etc. Our indoor mall will be revamped in the coming years. Our high school is fantastic, but our elementary and middle schools are sub-par (different districts). The teens are bored around here. There needs to be better entertainment. We have very little crime. The real estate doesn't move because of high taxes, including recent funding for our poorly managed District 73. But the people are close and have a kind of Friday Night Lights feel as high school and community sports are a thing!
Vernon Hills is a wonderful environment for those wishing to raise a family in a safe, beautiful suburb. The community is very inviting and there are many malls and stores in close proximity. While the tax is a little high, Vernon Hills is an area that feeds into Adlai E. Stevenson High School, one of Illinois's best public high schools.
I have lived in Vernon hills for 15 years now and everything about Vernon hills is amazing. It's a very small town but everything is super close. There are so many different restaurants and so many different stores too.
All the schools here are nice , theirs good food, okay amount of diversity everyone gets along with everyone and is overall a good town for families.
Nice quiet city, but it is quiet. Not much to do if you are a young adult. But there is plenty to do outdoors, like hike, go to a farmers market, or visit one of the many parks.
Vernon hills is a town with lots of shops and stores including the new Mellody farms shopping centers. There are great public schools with high enrollment.
Vernon Hills is a friendly place to live. Itis great that it is a diverse community, whith exellent schools and leaderships. The publice officers (Police and Fire) are freindly and concerened about the saftery of the residents.
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There have been a lot of improvements in the recent years to the area, specifically the availability of restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers has greatly increased.
Vernon Hills is a great community. The public schools excellent and score well on standardized tests. There are many park, bike paths, and green spaces to enjoy that welcome children and dogs. We have a mall and several other shopping centers that have nearly every store you could ever want to visit. The newly built Mellody Farms is a mixed-use development that includes shopping, dining, and apartments.
I've been there four times visiting my friend, who is working and living there. It's one hour's driving away from downtown Chicago. The most convenient thing I thought is there are so many markets and restaurants providing foods and good stuff from all different countries. It makes your life so much fun and diversity. As a suburb of Chicago, rent is much more friendly. Very nice place to live.
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