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Vernal is a family friendly and livable town. There are many places for activities and enjoyment and a great place to spend time with your loved ones and even commute to whether you need your shopping done, visiting their fun museums and country sides where horses run in the farms their owner maintain.
Vernal is a very pleasant rural town to live. Great access to all sorts of outdoor activities. Very family friendly.
The scenery is so amazing. You can drive 30 minutes and get into a different atmosphere. Its a town where everyone knows everyone. The community is very tight knit and helps others as much as possible.
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Not much to do but explore the outdoors. Very Mormon town, okay public school. The food is average, regular fast food, some good local restaurants.
I grew up thirty miles away from Vernal. I attended school and had many jobs in Vernal, so I know the town well. It is an oil field town, that is how the people here are sustained. It's a farming town, where on every corner you see cows or sheep. But I also believe it is a lovable town. Those who move here as teenagers or young adults, often complain there is nothing to do. There is no bowling alley in Vernal, there is a little arcade, but I will admit we are not known for our entertaining facilities. What Vernal is known for is the beautiful scenery. The Dinosaur National Monument is located near Vernal. There are three reservoirs with beautiful hiking and there is a fantastic museum. For those who love nature and love being outdoors, people such as myself, there is a lot to do in Vernal. I think it is one of the greatest communities to be a part of. I wouldn't have asked for a better place to grow up. I love the farms and oil fields and all. I would rate this place with a 5.
Vernal is a great place to raise a family. With a smaller population, it’s very safe and quiet. The one downside is that there’s not a lot of business. It’s centered around the oilfield, so there’s opportunities for work, but nice restaurants and clothing stores are hard to come by.
Great little town with fun things to do all the time weather that be hanging out with friends or going camping,hunting, or fishing.
Small towns are the best to grow up in. This town created who I am today and I wouldn't change a thing.
I love the small town feel of vernal ! The people are so friendly and it's a perfect place to raise a family! There are enough businesses and things to do close that you don't need to leave town very often for anything!
Small oil town, with big dreams. Needs to bring in more economic infrastructure to stabilize economy and not rely on energy sector, and tourism.
I grew up there on a little farm. I have learned so many things from growing up there. It has taught me that the little things people say or do will be likely to be taken for grantede and it may bring you down but you always have to get up and keep going. By the end you may want to leave and never come back, but in the end we always do.
Small town that just went through a growth spurt. People are friendly and down to earth. Good place to raise children.
Vernal is a beautiful, rural place to live with plenty of wide open air and wild places left. Natural beauties abound and the city is surrounded by camping, hiking, and fishing locations.

Education-in addition to public schools Vernal has several private institutions for grades K-12. The local high school excels in several sports but frankly the academics and music leave something to be desired. There is also a fairly good USU extension and technical college.
I love how Vernal is close to every kind of outdoor experience you can think of. There are lakes and Rivers. There are mountains and Hills. There are deserts and dunes. There are dinosaurs and wildlife. There are native american tribes and their History and there are Cowboys and their history.
I grew up in Vernal and I love it! It is a great place to raise a family. It is a small country town that is growing.
Vernal is what you make it. It is not a small town, but not a massive city. Not everyone will know you and be in your business, but you will run into people that you do know.
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Great small town. Not much to do but once you get to know people they will always help you out. I will say a big down fall is not much to do in the town but you can do a lot of outdoor activities with is always fun.
Vernal does a lot of community events. They host a large rodeo and two fairs in the summer. They have a lot to do here. The one thing I would like to see change is the jobs available.
I have been in Vernal, Utah for almost a year. In this year I have learned so much about this weird functioning small town in east Utah. When you first drive into town it is a quick 10 minutes to get through the 6 traffic lights to get to the other side of town and on your way to Colorado. But in those 10 minutes you get to see to the rich oilfield history of this town and you immediately feel the close nit family we are. Everyone knows everybody. We all wave to each other whether we are on a Harley Davidson, a flashy sports car in the warm summer evenings or a big supped up truck. So through your 10 minutes drive of 30 MPH you will find a small little town that will be hard to forget.
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