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Vermillion is a very pretty college town. The housing is wonderful and there is lots of variety in prices and styles. Downtown is always busy hosting different functions. The college provides lots of entertainment such as band or choir concerts, sporting events, charity events, and much more
Vermillion has a lot of really good restaurants! If a restaurant is not good, it does not survive in this town. I love how the town feels relaxed and the locals are all very nice and smile.
Overall, Vermillion is not too bad there just is not much to do at all. Wish there was more diversity and different restaurants that cater to the diverse residents in
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It's a warm and inviting town that supports a small college! I enjoy the family atmosphere and how involved everyone is with the community. A great place to raise a family in the Midwest. Vermillion is also close to the city. You have Sioux Falls which will be about a 50 minute drive north; or Sioux City a 35 minute drive south. Lots of local produce and farmers in town. Home to the South Dakota Coyotes! Overall my experience with the Vermillion community has been pleasant and welcoming. It has proved it self to be a great home away from home.
Vermillion is a very clear and friendly town. Even for a college town, crime is relatively low and I love all of the trees that Vermillion boasts. Fall in Vermillion is beautiful!!!
I really like this town. It's small, but not too small. It's a college town, so it's busy. In the summer time it is quiet, but still busy enough to remain running. The job market is pretty good and there are plenty of things for kids to do in town.
Being from California and moving here to Vermillion for schooling has been a huge change for me, but in a good way. People here are very friendly and communicable. I enjoy the atmosphere here in this town and love that you can easily walk from place to place without having to drive. Even though it is a small town there are still things to do as well as attend. Such as sporting events, cultural events, going to the movies, or going downtown to enjoy some food restaurants.
Vermillion is a college town, home to the University of South Dakota, which has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. When school is in session the town is very active but during the summer (when students are gone) things tend to slow down quite a bit. Vermillion is a weird mixture of run-down small town and cute mom and pop small town. Houses are either well maintained or completely run down, very little in between. Main Street is adorable and has a lot of bars with a friendly atmosphere and has some pretty good restraints including Red, Brulé, and Silk Road. Lacking in café and small shops :( Vermillion has a small bike/walking path by the river but doesn't have many parks and those that they do have are mostly just a squeaky swing set and a busy slide. Locals are pretty friendly and welcoming, no rush or anything.
Vermillion is a great place to live. Everything is close, and everybody is friendly in general. For all of the people living here (10,000+ residents as well as college students) I wish there were more amenities. But overall, I love it! The campus is beautiful.
I really enjoy our small community. It is good to feel safe as well as know a lot of people throughout the town.
Vermillion is a small town with some large-city aspects. There is a beautiful university with a multitude of great programs for a great price. Though Vermillion is a small town, students from all over the world come to study here so there is a nice amount of diversity. It is also very safe, as it is a small town.
Vermilion is a great town that offers many things beyond the campus. I moved here two years ago and started college here last year and I have fallen in love with the town. There are many parks my two children enjoy, and many great restaurants.
The town of Vermillion South Dakota consists of a population of 10,000 residents not including the university students in the fall and spring. The residents who are not students are generally one the kindest people. They're very welcoming to groups of new students arriving every year. Being a town in the midwest, it came as a surprise how pleasant and accepting this town is.
I have attended school here in Vermillion for a total of 3 and a half years. It is a great little town. There are plenty of places to enjoy during your free time such as the movies, fine dining, college friendly bar life, beautiful scenery down by the river, a dog park, and so much more!
I moved here to be near family after escaping a domestic violence relationship from another state. Vermillion has been an exceptionally supportive community with many positive opportunities to get my life on track. The people and the resources here are simply amazing!
I have lived in Vermillion for almost 4 years now. I am from a bigger city so coming to Vermillion was a lot different than what I knew as "home". I have grown to like Vermillion, but it is definitely the definition of a college town. I am now a senior here in college and there is just really not much for me to do here. I like hanging out with my friends, but I find myself travelling to surrounding towns, such as Sioux City and Sioux Falls, in order to be entertained.
Vermillion is a great place to be if you are a college student. It is a town that is dedicated to the University of South Dakota. This town is the definition of a college town.
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For the most part crime was not a problem.
The area is not too populated and people are nice
Being ths college town we are leads to alot of influx of drugs. Also with this theres underage drinking and other problems. The cops do seem to crackdown on it though which is nice.
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