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It's a very small town, but I think the crime rate is considerably low compared to the towns beside us. The police force works hard and the firemen are there in a snap if you ever need anything. It's a town where everyone knows each other. You can make easy friends here and it's safe for children.
Wonderful, for families, students, making friends. small town. So much fun. Great experience. Has a Quiktrip, Caseys, Sonic, Doller General, Donut Shop, and Okie Annies
typical small town in Oklahoma , not a lot to offer. There is a school, and it is family friendly area you feel safe living here. its not too far from tulsa or owasso if you wanted to go to a more city like area for some fun, food or shopping
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The town is small but it has its own police squadron. They are always driving around the neighborhoods making sure everything is safe. When something happens they are quick to respond.
The general atmosphere of the area is great. It is close to the schools making it easy for parents to get their kids there. I would choose to live in this area again when I am married and have children.
Coming from the liberal city of Austin to a small religious very conservative city of Claremore was a huge change personally in every aspect. Every mall, shop, movie theater, and restaurant closes at about 9 or 9:30 every single night, the conversations start with "What church do you go to?", and the friends I've made are the same age but are all either have been in a long term relationship or are currently married! This town is perfect for the older community that has retired and enjoy a culture that is more adapted to them but I would not recommend it for younger age college students who are looking for a rich diversity in ethnicities, dining, and studies.
In my opinion if you really want a job you are very capable of finding one here and really close to Claremore.
There use to be a numerous amount of local businesses but they seem to be running out of business.
Only reason I put Great and not the best is because building up Claremore seems like a main priority!
Living in the same town for over 15 years and only experiencing one crime I thank is fantastic!
not a lot of adult hot spots in town but itf you don't mind driving 15 - 20 miles, many options in tulsa
like any small town, we are limited on restaunts, but have the normal fast food and convience stores.
I have not had to look for employment sice I moved here. I do not know anyone who has not been able to find a job when they needed one.
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