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Not a whole lot of crime here, mostly theft I would guess. Police seem to be around most places or respond quickly, although they are not as appreciated and respected as they should be. It's a shame!
The beauty of the area is the best thing about living here. There are so many cool trails to hike and swimming places to go. We definitely need more activities for teen and young people though like local bowling, movie theatres, and other fun related activities they have in bigger areas like laser tag, trampolines, amusements, zoos, pool halls, arcades, etc.
It is a very small town where almost everyone knows you here, you grow up with the same people. Lots of big families live here and you must be part of one of those families or know them personally to get jobs in town or "hook-ups". Lots of people work out of town to get a better paying job. People are very hostile here. I have traveled to other cities and other states and compared to those cities and states that I have visited this town is not the best of all. I would like to move out of here to have a better job, a better future and more opportunities.
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Excellent area to raise a family in, this is my hometown, which is why I chose to return after retiring from the Army.
Cottonwood is a very homey community with various walks of life,the people are basically friendly, and I have a great deal of friends here . Its My home!
Sedona has always been a tourist town. Cottonwood is fairly small too, so when applying for a job, it is hard to find a well paying one because there are not many opportunities in these towns. In these towns, the locals either work at the grocery store, small family owned shops, restaurants, or hotels because those are the only jojbs offered. Growing up in these small towns has opened my eyes into having to move in order to gain larger opportunities in my life.
I loved living in Sedona. It was definitely a beautiful and safe place to be raised in. However, I don't believe that I will be back much because there are not many opportunities that this area offers. Since Sedona's most averages ages are from 55 to 65, there are not greater opportunities.
Sedona is known for one of the highest tourism rates in Arizona, following The Grand Canyon. Sedona is well known for the beauty of the rocks and the energies they provide. This town is well known for all of it's famous Red Rocks like Cathedral Rock, Thunder Mountain, Bell Rock, Snoopy Rock, Devils Bridge and many others. Sedona attracts tourism all year due to the natural formed creeks in this town such as Slide Rock, Red Rock Crossing, and other trails such as the West Fork trail and other parks like Red Rock State Park. The views attract many people in this area and the fact that it is a small and safe town. Tourists usually enjoy hiking the trails, swimming in the creeks, horseback riding, going on a rivertrip, riding the hot air balloons, going skydiving and of course going on a jeep adventure in the mountains. There are many activities that are available in Sedona that involve nature.
I loved growing up in a small town because I was always able to see the Red Rock every day. I have grown to love the weather that this small town experiences. I don't think that there is another town that gives their locals the four seasons like Sedona does. In the spring, one can see the flowers blooming and throughout the year, monsoon season is always a great time. Although we have flooded in the past due to having small creeks during the season as well as small bridges, the locals get together and help each other out. The only thing that we really worry about are the wildfires because we have gotten some that concern the safety of our locals.We recently experienced a fire that was set off by accident in what we know as Oak Creek Canyon. The Slide Fire was extremely powerful and burned thousands of acres. Tourists come often to Sedona and that is another reason why we have had wildfires. Many have never learned how to put fires out and it has affected us.
Being a teenager, I believe that all of the restaurants in our area are really good. Many are well known all around the state and the world. However, if I could have the possibility to change a few things I would. The most common restaurants that are in these towns are fast foodd restaurants because most of our restaurants are overpriced. Living in a small and safe town has everything closing at nine pm. the latest. It is a struggle when wanting to go out with some friends after a sports game to grab something to eat when everything is either alaready closed, or getting ready to be closed. If I was to pick a favorite restaurant, it would be Picazzo's because they have a great variety of Italian food that is not too overpriced. Their servers are exceptional and always satisfy their guests needs. They are open until nine pm. which seems to be the only restaurant that is these days. My favorite dish they serve would be the Chicken Picatta.
Growing up and living in a small town has it's advantages just as it has it's disadvantages. Since Cottonwood and Sedona are not very big, there are very few stores that one can enjoy. The largest company that would be located in this area would probably be Walmart. Even for our small towns, our Walmart does not compare to any of the others around the world. The most popular store would have to be Walmart because it is where just about everyone shops. There are not many stores to chose from in this small town but due to the fact that you can find everything at Walmart and they always have good service, locals go there.
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