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I love being near the beach and the weather. There is great food and local shops/farmers market. The people are nice and it is affordable for being so close to the beach.
Ventura is a chill beach town filled with great people. Most of the year is beach weather. I’ve lived here my whole life and I love it!
I have lived here all my life and I really like it. I will be grateful to have to opportunity to go away to college and get new experiences and tell others about where I live.
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I love the weather, people, politics, and overall vibe of Ventura. I'm born and raised here and I hope to live here for the rest of my life. I have found a true home in Ventura. All of my family and friends live here. Downtown has a lot of cool places to check out. I know the mayor personally and love seeing how much he cares about improving our community. I feel safe and comfortable here.
Ventura has great weather all year round. The city has a bustling downtown area near beautiful beaches. Surfing, cycling, and hiking are the perfect physical activities to participate in when staying here.
Ventura can be a hot spot for tourists. The weather is typically upper 60's and get a good coastal breeze. I've lived here all my life and can say i wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else.
Very small town, but cute. I've lived here my whole life and safety here is pretty good, as well as job opportunities. I give it four because it lacks diversity and there is a lot of judgmental people - but please tell me where there isn't. White kids all over the place. But again, cute small town right near the beach!
Great city with big neighboring cities such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara so you do not to deal with the big crowds and traffic.
Don’t ever move to this city. EVER it’s trashy, it’s gross, the people are just snotty rich people. This place is not family friendly. So much crime, so much noice in the streets. I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy to live here.
Ventura is a great place to live if you want to be near the beach at a reasonable cost of living. The community is diverse with people from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, family friendly, and single-friendly. There is also a great community college in Ventura, and we are close to Santa Barbara with extended locations in Ventura for UCSB. The environment is laid back and people are friendly. There is also plenty to do in Ventura for all different types of people. I love it in Ventura and I am sure anyone would.
I was born and raised here , this was once a great place to live until they started letting the yuppies move in , started overcrowding our city, making the rents high enough to move out the people that have been here , the true Venturans like me were use to a nice easy loving town . Now it is like Los Angeles with all the attitude , I wish people would of just stayed on the 101 and kept going
Ventura is the city that gives you the beach , the mountains, Santa Barbara to the North, Los Angeles to the south, great night life , a yearly fair, great food, A city that does not have to take a back seat too any place else.
Ventura is a beautiful town on the beach with a really chill vibe. There is a lot to do in this vibrant community, and it is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the LA life style which is not too far away if you are seeking more entertainment.
I love Ventura, the weather is always lovely and the community is friendly. Plenty of opportunities for education and activities. Beautiful hikes with beach views and an encouraging outdoor dynamic.
It's a very nice small city. There is mostly shopping to do but also some good restaurants. The local beaches are also nice and usually clean. The people are also fairly friendly. Los Angeles is also not a far drive away so there is always plenty to do.
I love Ventura. It's placed right on the southern coast of California. Driving along the ocean is one of my favorite things to do. While the community and public ares could definitely be cleaner, I still really like it in Ventura.
Ventura, California is a safe and diverse neighborhood in which I feel that I can walk around at night without taking any incredible risks or having any other issues. This town allows me to succeed through the number of opportunities it has provided with education, the job market, and the number of de-stress activities it offers.
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The beach is five minutes away from midtown, who doesn't love the beach? The weather is on average around the 70's during the spring and early summer. The temperature rarely goes above 85 degrees. But when it does, the beach is a few minutes away to help cool off and relax. There are a lot of other fun places to visit. Such as Grant Park Cross, where there is a view of the city along with the ocean, a great place to have a picnic while watching the sun set or to take nice pictures! The city is clean and has a lot of trees and greenery. Downtown is also a good place to get good food, I recommend Rice by Mama, which is Thai food. There are also cute boutiques downtown as well as thrift stores. There is also an art museum downtown. Overall, Ventura is a beautiful small city for a beach vacation.
Ventura is a great city with amazing year-round weather, awing ocean views, and easy access to the nearby hills and mountains. Not only is it in a great location, but the local businesses help to bring out its character and charm.
Ventura is an under-appreciated California coastal town. Not too touristy, built for locals, it's perfect! Historic downtown is about five or six blocks long with nice restaurants, thrift shops, boutique stores and anchored by a beautiful city hall and historic mission.
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