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Growing up in Ventnor is like living a permanent vacation. You are a walk to the beach, boardwalk, city life or seclusion and a car, train, or bus ride to a great many glorious destinations. Summers are phenomenal and the possibilities of fun are endless and watching the seasons change over the sandy beach is always truly breath taking. Ventnor is a great HUB if you enjoy bigger cities but prefer to live more peacefully while still enjoying every modern comfort and convenience and I could not imagine living anywhere else.
I like how small the town is however, we should have more community events that bring the community together
I like Ventnor because it is a city but at the same time it is very quiet and everyone stays to themselves. My family has lived here for a while now ( from generation to generation) and we have all enjoyed our time here. Ventnor is very safe and people are friendly. I could not imagine growing up anywhere else.
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Ventnor is an amazing city. Being born and raised, I am proud to call this town my home. Being right next to the beach, it is an ideal summer vacation spot, with so much to do and see. From parasailing to taking helicopter rides over historic Altantic City, this town is a must-see!
This survey was very easy to understand and straightforward. I am not sure what this information is being used towards, or what study it may be conducting. However, I am sure in the end results it is going towards something useful to better the community.
The crime rate here isn't bad. I currently live in Ventnor City and there aren't many crimes going on. Atlantic City is different however, and there are usually high rates of crime going on. I live far from the heart of Atlantic City so I am not as affected as those who live closer, but I think things could be better for that specific city.
I am very proud to come from Ventnor City. My parents both were hard workers and always made sure that my sister and I had a roof over our heads. My parents both worked in Atlantic City, in the Casino industry, but unfortunately my father suddenly passed away in 2012. In addition, the recession of 2008 has caused my mother to lose her well-paying job in the industry. However, besides the lack of employment opportunities here, Ventnor City is very warm and friendly and open to people from all walks of life.
There's not many people in my town, so we only have little crimes. The police do their job and enforce all the laws they should.
Growing up I knew everyone in my city. I knew everyone I went to school with. There's not much for us kids to do around here, especially in the winter. I'd like to see more places we could've hung out. In the summer we went to the beach, but at night it got too chilly for that. The parks close when the sun goes down so we were forced to hangout in parking lots and walk around town. It wasn't the most fun thing to do on a summer night with your friends. If I could do it all over again, I would've live anywhere else. However I am definitely not staying here my whole life.
This town neighbors a falling apart and crime-ridden city.
Downfall of AC creating too many unemployed people.
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