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The crime rate is low enough that I feel safe to walk around my neighborhood with my child. I enjoy the friendly faces and smiles when I go to the local farmer's market. It is a good community to raise a family.
Vandalia is the CrossRoads of America I75 and I70 with easy access to both Interstates and Dayton International Airport.
Vandalia is a very livable area to bring and live with a family. The local school systems are among the best. Taxes are a bit higher because of this, but this also brings the community closer together. Even if you don't interact with others, a strong community around you improves things. As far as jobs, it is very close to Dayton as well as the air force base, so you have many different opportunities. The airport helps out local commerce. The area is fairly nice, with many parks around. As far as restaurants, you have a broad array across two main areas. There are some negatives to Vandalia, however. First off, there isn't much to go do at night. Also, there is an extreme amount of pollen, so beware if you have allergies. Also, some streets by homes feel like they are just slightly too small to park, so make sure you check them out. Politically, the area is neutral. For the common person, someone who just wants to live out their life in an above average manor, I would come here.
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I liked the homie feel to Vandalia. It's a very relaxed environment. It also has very good restaurants on Miller Lane. Lots of choices to go. Vandalia could be better by bringing in more entertainment. There tends to be a fifteen minute travel time to entertainment places for the most part.
It is close to Dayton and Columbus. The town shuts down around 10pm, except for 1 street of hotels and restaurants.
Vandalia is a great place to live. I feel safe enough to walk my neighborhood any time of day or night.
Vandalia is a good place to live but I am from the country so I would prefer more space, but out of the other suburbs around Dayton it is one of the better ones.
Vandalia is a very beautiful community. The schools are wonderful and updated. The town is kept very clean. There is an amazing rec center for people to go to.
Vandalia is a great town that's always thriving for the best. Whether it's through the schools, athletics, arts, or parks they are willing to make the residents happy. I hope that the schools and local jobs continue to succeed as well. The events that take place in town are always fun and family friendly. Vandalia is a growing city and I only wish to see it continue it's great path.
Vandalia in Dayton Ohio is a small town. There are plenty of places to go out to eat. The people are town are always friendly and do not mind to stop and chat. The local stores are nice, the workers are always very helpful and are always keeping to store clean and nice for the costumers. They have the best doughnut shop in town. Its call Jims, they are open 24 hours. They always have fresh food.
I recently moved to Vandalia about a year ago with my daughter. I love the area and always feel safe. Her school is outstanding and her teachers have been above par. In regards to community, this is the first place I have ever lived that has actually felt like a community. Since I have moved here the community has lost two young kids; the way everyone came together for support and encouragement was a beautiful thing!
Nice quiet little city. If you love planes you wanna live in Vandalia. You can see the air show from just about anywhere in the city! Loads of dinner choices with Miller Lane just a few minutes away.
Very proud of local donut shop when big chain tried to build here.
The Crime rates in Vandalia are low. One never really hears about anything happening. I would say the biggest crime we have had in the past ten years is someone vandalizing the school which was a very rare occurrence and they were dealt with accordingly. I often run through the city streets late at night and i feel perfectly safe doing so. Police are very visible as well at all times.
Vandalia Ohio is a good town. It's not great by no means, but it is good. The schools are adequate and they get the job done. There are small businesses that have been moving in lately, like a new coffee shop and a vapor tobacco store which is promising. If i were to say one thing about Vandalia I would say that it is very quiet. There isn't a lot going on here which is a wonderful thing. A quiet relatively small town is a good place to raise a family and also a safe place so i do see myself sticking around after i graduate from college. Overall, I think Vandalia is a fine place to live and work and thrive, I am very proud of my city even if it does not seem that great to other people.
The housing in some parts is very beautiful and marvelous in its own way. However, there are some areas where people do not maintain cleanliness of their front yards and or driveways. Some houses are not well maintained and need serious repair work done!
I've done tremendous community work (last 4 years), very friendly community, provides great help to the needy by organizing great events such as Food Drive, Recycling Project, etc.
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It's fine but some areas are dangerous
Great weather, low pollution, low crime rate, etc.
Vandalia is a small town with a lot of personality. The people are nice and the school systems are great. Growing up here I have seen crime rate increase. Certain areas of Vandalia are worse than others, but where I live is nice. There are reports of crime in my neighborhood but they're very low.
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