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Vancouver is a wonderful city full of opportunities for people with all different interests. There's great city life, but Vancouver also has many safe suburban areas that are apart of great school districts.
I moved here a little over a year ago. I love that it's large like a city but it feels like a small town. There's a lot of great places to shop and explore and eat. I wish there were a few more activities to do that weren't outdoors.
Moved here in the summer and have loved it. So many things to do and nice being so close to Portland.
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I love the weather here. I love rain and cold, so it's perfect. I am also from here, but I am very proud to tell people where I'm from and where I live. Downtown is getting more modern and more fun, and it's right across the bridge from Portland which is absolutely awesome. There's a fine mix of people in the area, making great diversity. Not to mention there's so much nature and good food!
Vancouver is an OK place to live. The city itself is not bad but it's not the most high class city. What is really nice about Vancouver is that Portland is just across the bridge and makes up for what Vancouver lacks. It's nice being able to live for a lower price in Vancouver and easily commute to Portland.
I grew up in Vancouver even though I was more of a city girl. I like and enjoyed ever single part of it until the devil friends came along and tried getting people to do things they aren't fond of doing. Just to save themselves. Drug addicts aren't bad people but the drugs consume someone real quick.
I love living in Vancouver, it's a pretty place and in a central location. We are close to many other cities in Washington and Oregon. As of now we still don't have as much traffic and business as surrounding places.
I have recently moved to Vancouver, WA from San Jose, CA. Everything here is much more cleaner and more greener than where I use to live. The people here are even nicer than San Jose. Moving to this city definitely change my whole view on things, it made me think that the world can be and will be greener again.
Vancouver has evolved into a nice city, similar to neighbor Portland, OR, however a bit smaller. Downtown Vancouver is set up nicely, with many options for healthy eating, coffee shops, art on display, and different shops and vintage stores to visit. Vancouver has areas that have homelessness as an issue, but have many organizations in those areas to address and assist those looking for a better way of living, such as Lifeline Connections, Community Services NW, and many recovery based meetings available for those in recovery. Vancouver, WA has evolved into a real nice place to live.
Vancouver Washington is a nice city to live in. The city is growing really fast and there is a lot of new development. Vancouver is really clean and even outside the city, it's very clean and easy to navigate. The one thing I don't like about Vancouver is the traffic. Since the city is growing rapidly the traffic has gotten really bad.
Vancouver is and always will be my home. Vancouver has so many job opportunities, like working fast food or retail. They also have a ton of schools, in the evergreen school district and the vancouver school district. I personally went to school through the evergreen school district.
There is super easy access to everything, from hospitals to food and entertainment, to specialty stores; everything is within reach. It's definitely a growing city though and it's starting to feel it in housing and roads.
Vancouver Washington is a good place to live, its just expensive, there are a lot of people moving from California to Washington which makes prices increase but the city is growing so much
Close to Portland with a more small town feel. Vancouver is a city of suburbia, which makes it a great place to settle down and raise a family.
Really good place for family events, however some people are pretty conservative and vocal about it. Great bars and restaurants in downtown Vancouver.
Vancouver has generally been a safe, simple city. It's a nice city to grow up in and for that reason I think the city has grown throughout the years with many people moving here. I think my favorite thing about this city is the beautiful, lush environment. It's covered in green and in the fall, the temperature drops and you see a wide variety of plants and trees that compliment the city nicely.
I have lived in Vancouver for the majority of my life and I enjoy it. Vancouver is a fast growing large suburban city. Snuggled next to Portland and an easy drive to Seattle, metropolitan city activities are never too far. Vancouver does lack in diversity and activities to do but most activities are a short commute away.
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It's a nice area for families but much less to do. Luckily Portland is just over the bridge and it is just a quick trip to downtown.
I personally like the weather here, it's rainy a lot throughout fall & winter but once spring hits, it's usually warm and sunny. There's also a variety of places to go in the city.
I enjoy living in Vancouver. It's the perfect location if you want to be close to Portland but not in it. It's also a great place to be if you enjoy hiking or camping. What would be great if it were a bit more diverse. But that applies for the Pacific Northwest overall opposed to just this one city in it.
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