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Vancouver is and always will be my home. Vancouver has so many job opportunities, like working fast food or retail. They also have a ton of schools, in the evergreen school district and the vancouver school district. I personally went to school through the evergreen school district.
There is super easy access to everything, from hospitals to food and entertainment, to specialty stores; everything is within reach. It's definitely a growing city though and it's starting to feel it in housing and roads.
Vancouver Washington is a good place to live, its just expensive, there are a lot of people moving from California to Washington which makes prices increase but the city is growing so much
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Close to Portland with a more small town feel. Vancouver is a city of suburbia, which makes it a great place to settle down and raise a family.
Really good place for family events, however some people are pretty conservative and vocal about it. Great bars and restaurants in downtown Vancouver.
Vancouver has generally been a safe, simple city. It's a nice city to grow up in and for that reason I think the city has grown throughout the years with many people moving here. I think my favorite thing about this city is the beautiful, lush environment. It's covered in green and in the fall, the temperature drops and you see a wide variety of plants and trees that compliment the city nicely.
I have lived in Vancouver for the majority of my life and I enjoy it. Vancouver is a fast growing large suburban city. Snuggled next to Portland and an easy drive to Seattle, metropolitan city activities are never too far. Vancouver does lack in diversity and activities to do but most activities are a short commute away.
It's a nice area for families but much less to do. Luckily Portland is just over the bridge and it is just a quick trip to downtown.
I personally like the weather here, it's rainy a lot throughout fall & winter but once spring hits, it's usually warm and sunny. There's also a variety of places to go in the city.
I enjoy living in Vancouver. It's the perfect location if you want to be close to Portland but not in it. It's also a great place to be if you enjoy hiking or camping. What would be great if it were a bit more diverse. But that applies for the Pacific Northwest overall opposed to just this one city in it.
I live, work, and play in this awesome city of Vancouver. It is a wonderful place to have and raise a family. I always tell people about how awesome my city is.
Vancouver, Washington is a very nice place. It's very green and full of life, with lots of nature paths and lakes that are perfect for hiking or biking.
Overall growing up here has been amazing. There us so much to do with Seattle about 2hours away and Oregon just across the way. There are many recreational activities to experience to include hiking biking and even the ocean is not too far away. I am privileged to be given such opportunity to live somewhere where I can truely feel at home. The people are some of the most friendly you will meet in America. Coming from the military where there is a clear melting pot of people from different places groups and background there is just so much I realized I did not know in the world. Meeting many different can be such a culture shock but here in Vancouver you will always feel at home
I like the weather changes and the diversity in the community. There is many opportunities for volunteering in the community. Everybody is friendly and willing to help. The City of Vancouver has many events through out the year such as the Father and Daughter Dance and the movies and concerts in the park for the people in the community.
Great location for nature, city, and community. You can spend the morning in Portland and visit the beach in one day. Growing a lot currently.
Vancouver is a nice place. Nobody causes trouble and nothing really bad happens. The schools in Vancouver are good and Hockinson High School is one of the top rated academical schools around.
Just like in a lot of cities the price of living is getting too high and the pay is not matching those prices.
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The people are generally nice, but the crowd gets bland and so do the small towns. Great for the outdoorsy.
Great schools, good community, I have kids and feel that it lacks things for kids to do and it is probably because Portland is so close by.
Pretty easy to get around, has almost everything you need and people for the most part are friendly. It does not take long to get to one side of town to the other. Traffic is not nearly as bad as across the river in Portland. If you can not find a store for something you need you can order it online and have it delivered to your house or a store for pick up.
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