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Vance Township Reviews

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The weather here is pretty good. Summer is consistently hot while the other seasons tend to have varied temperatures
Housing in the area is okay. There are some noticeable vacant property inside and outside of town
There are a few good local businesses in Kinston.
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With Kinston being as small of a town as it is, the job opportunities are scarce and sometimes nonexistent because of the availability of jobs are quickly filled
There is a average amount of restaurants in Kinston. A local favorite is King's Barbecue. It is famous for its Pig in a Blanket, A barbecue sandwich with a twist. Instead of using sandwich bread, the barbecue in wrapped in hushpuppies with cole slaw.
Crime in the city of Kinston usually fluctuates during the summer. Also, the ones who are committing the crimes are game members. Other than that, Kinston is a very productive and hard working small town.
Some people are going to be lazy and not get a job.
There are a lot of stores around me where I can just drive a few miles and get what I want.
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