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Van Buren Charter Township Reviews

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Safety is good. The police are super reliable and they do their jobs. I don't see a ton of crime
There are a lot of lovable people here. People need to be excepted for who they are and if you are interested in making really good, loyal friends this is the place. I've lived here for a long time and for awhile I was to myself and I thought this wasn't the best place to live. But when I actually go out and do things and find people to hang with, I don't ever want to leave this place! People here are so fun, at least the people I know!
There are not many sidewalks for people to use on some streets. The police only come if asked and don't usually patrol around. Overall it is fairly safe I think.
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It's quiet yet still busy enough not to feel like you are in the middle off nowhere.
Everything is in good condition
I think I would stay here but it's a small town.
I haven't had any issues
I feel very safe in Belleville. Crime is very low
community is very nice its a nice little small town only thing bad is a couple fights at some of the schools but other then that its great
very good place to live
There is growth happening in this area and there is more and more things to do.
very good area to be in
The atmosphere is nice when the city gets together for events. It brings out the older crowd and the new crowd which is always good.
the lakes and rivers seem to be not the best to swim in.
lots of family owed places and its always great to get a good meal in the city
the amount of jobs and the pay rate could be a lot better, there are a lot of fast food and restaurant jobs but that's not for every one
There is no real means for public transportation besides school buses. Being by Detroit we a car ran city. Shopping downtown everything is walk-able including the library high school, and scenic areas.
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There are not a lot of job opportunities. Most teenagers have a job at a fast food restaurant and adults either own or work at a small business.
Belleville attracts a lot of people by its Strawberry Festival. There is a parade, fireworks, art/crafts show, and carnival rides. Booths are spread on some streets and different places rent out their land to put up rides. Strawberry everything is sold. There is a Jingle Bell Run and the Christmas Parade in the winter. 4-H clubs and competitions are also frequented.
Winter storms tend to hit us pretty hard resulting in multiple school day closings whether for temperature drops or snow for unsafe road conditions. Thunder storms hit pretty frequently and hard knocking down tress and blowing outdoor materials around. Tornadoes are another problem resulting in multiple watches and warnings.
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