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Vamo is pretty divided. On one side of the street you'll find million dollar homes, on the other, rentals that are usually in the lower end with many people having some kind of criminal background.
It is pretty safe, I personally have never had a problem, but wouldn't walk out after dark. No lighting or security.
In my part of town, crime is a rarity. You may hear of something every few months but nothing frequent or alarming.
Honestly, a fantastic area. Removed from downtown so you don't have to get caught up in everything that entails. Quick commute to the beach. Lots of stores close by. Most of the neighbors are families so you don't have to worry about anything crazy. Weather in unbelievable. Great place.
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The only downside of living in this state in general is the humidity.

There are many elders and retiree's in the area, so you know that the community is safe, and nice to live in.

Most of the neighbors and people from the city exercise a lot at the parks, which shows a great mindset of the city.
Not many options and food tastes bad
People are usually friendly not always
There are many nice areas in which to live however, the bad areas tend to very bad. The real estate market here took quite a hit but is beginning to recover.
We have large and well equipped police and fire departments, many community service organizations, and the local government officials work hard to keep the area a popular destination for global travelers.
There are people here from all over the is very much a melting pot
Most of the jobs in this area are service oriented
This area tends to be transient because the cost of living is quit high here. The community tends to be very pet and family friendly as this is an extremely popular vacation destination.
Pretty much any type of business you could want is in this area
It's subtropical here and people are always out and about doing activities.
We have the #1 rated beach in the country
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