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I grew up here my whole life. I am close to Purdue University, where I am a full time student. Chicago is only 45 minutes away. Lake Michigan and the Dunes are minutes away. The neighborhoods are safe.
What I love most about Valparaiso is the diversity. There are so many different kinds of restaurants to eat at and things to do.
Beautiful city with so much to do. Downtown area is always alive with many events. Great city to live in.
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Valparaiso is a very nice place to live in. We are a very diverse town, with amazing public schools. There is not much to do, once you've done almost everything and the weather is cold. But overall it is a nice town.
Plenty of restaurants, activities and stores. Downtown is a real hot spot where the most of the places are. The college campuses are nice and clean. most people are friendly and helpful.
Valparaiso has an amazing atmosphere to be in, I personally can not remember the last time there was ever an incedent that happened that made me feel unwelcomed or unsafe. Valparaiso has many popular businesses that keep us residents up to date as well as a good number of small businesses that preserve the unique energy of our town.
Valparaiso is a very crowded place and is never dull. Theres places around the corner that anyone can do. It is fit for people of all ages. Parks, great schools, large communities, safe places, and great houses! Anyone would be lucky to live in a place such as Valparaiso.
Valparaiso is a a safe, family friendly, and affordable place to live. They have good public schools and job opportunities. The nightlife can include going downtown and visiting the busy restaurants. Including Ricochet, Furin, Designer Desserts, and Rolling Stone Bakery. Their is also many cafes you can stop in at to grab a coffee with your friend or have a quiet place to study. Some of the most popular ones include Blackbird Cafe and Fluid Coffee bar. You can also find Zao Island where you can have a fun time with friends and family. Zao island has many fun activities including mini golfing, go carts, lazer tag, and an arcade. Another place you can stop in at is the Valparaiso Cinemark where you can enjoy the great concessions and comfy seating watching the newest movies on the premium screen.
Valparaiso is a great town. It has many things to do here, but yet they are still adding new things ever year.
Growing up in Valparaiso, Indiana has allowed me to become integrated within my community. The people who are strongly affiliated within our community welcome new people with open arms and allow them to also become integrated in whichever aspect they want to be apart of. This plays well into my personal experience because I have joined numerous extracurriculars within my high school career and I think that this amicable mindset has allowed me to communicate successfully for the extracurriculars that expand outstide of the high school.
Valparaiso is a young, lively and energetic town to live in. I love how close the community is, especially when it comes to the downtown area. Everyone is so welcoming! The shops are super cute, but the night life needs a little bit of help. Overall, a great place to live and prosper.
Valparaiso Indiana is a small but efficient and entertaining town. There is always plenty to do and they keep on expanding. One thing though is recently they have started tons of construction which can make traffic hectic at times.
Its a great town to raise a family and to live in! It has amazing restaurants and shops and the downtown scene is adorable! Fantastic farmers markets that run twice a week! The people are very kind as well!
I love Valparaiso! As a small town of 30,000 people, the area is great! We have a perfect balance of manageable size and ample opportunities to do whatever you desire!
It’s a nice looking town, but the people that live here aren’t amongst the nicest. Too conservative and gossipy for my tastes.
Need more diversity. I like that the commute time is pretty low due to it being a somewhat small town. The public schools are alright but they could be better. The high school has a good selection of classes to take which is a plus.
Overall I am very happy living in Valparaiso. It is a very suburban area that borders some more rural areas. Valparaiso literally has everything you could want, including small independent coffee shops to franchises. There are many "big box" stores, as well as local places that are only found in Valparaiso. The downtown area has so many good local restaurants. It very much reminds me of a neighborhood in the city of Chicago. There are old brick buildings with storefronts on the first floor and apartments above. The downtown area is "alive". People always walking around and spending time outdoors when the weather is nice. My only complaint is that Valparaiso can be a bit too conservative for me politically, though I admit I am very liberal in my beliefs. Overall, I am very happy living here. I am a train ride away from Chicago and a short drive to the beaches of Michigan. As time passes, I see Valparaiso becoming more and more diverse which I enjoy.
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Valparaiso is a city thriving with culture. I've met my best friends here and it's one of the greatest places ever.
It is a small town that offers a lot of activities year round to create a sense of community. The Mayor is really focused on making the town better for the residents of the city. This is reflected in a paved walking trails, bike lanes, downtown development, welcoming small business owners and most of all maintaining a balanced budget.
There is a great quarterly newsletter that lets residents know about the scheduled community events, transparency in financial matters and future plans for the city. So many families are moving out here for the schools, living options and sense of community and warmth. Come and visit you won't be disappointed!!!
Retirement town with a college in it. Very Vanilla. The downtown has grown a lot, and I like all the programming the city does. They have also made a lot of progress in making the city more walkable, but they are still missing some critical connecting areas.
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