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The area is close to the highways, commute time isn't bad and there are quite a few really good restaurants around.
Valley park is very close to everything! Anything you need it close and the school districts are great!
This is a nice neighborhood of St. Louis for the working adult. I moved here after living in the city's North County for about two years and I must say its a big difference. There is a loss of diversity though as it seams most residents are middle class Caucasians. There is a general safe feeling of being able to walk/run, even at night as there isn't too much pedestrian traffic. The shopping centers are fair and the rentals are reasonable.
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I really like how all the schools are close to each other in Valley Park. You send your elementary, middle and high school students all to the same place. The school is small but that just means everyone is more friendly and teachers have one on one time with you if needed. Valley Park is a great community always coming together when disasters happen like the flood of 2015-16.
No problems in housing. There is a range of homes and apartments depending on your needs and no abandoned buildings or homes.
The neighbors are friendly and the schools are good. I would love to see more parents involved in volunteering, but we all have busy lives.
I don't really hear much about any crime in my neighborhood. I only know of one break in in the last 22 years.
I like the area, but there are a few people doing most of the work. I am also from the country, so I would like wide open spaces better than having a neighbor 12 feet away.
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