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Valley Falls Reviews

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Not dangerous but can be dirty.
Easy access to a lot of areas
quiet, not much crime, little violent crime
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Personally, I think I live too far from the city and would like to live a bit closer. I also don't like the weather much considering every year in the winter my street goes a while before getting plowed. Also the summers do not last long. But overall the people and community is very welcoming and likable. I also enjoy Providence and its historical buildings and it's artistic atmosphere.
The police enforce anything that goes wrong but there are still some corrupt people in our community.
While I personally do not go to bars, I know that some of my friends love going there to meet new people and have a great experience. I love the food that the places provide however.
The area where I live is great. However, there is some litter and some people pay to attention to nature which is bad.
People usually keep to themselves but are very friendly. Sometimes we will strike up conversations but for the most part we just go on with our daily lives
Housing differentiates from the area. Toward the north, there are large houses with large yards. Toward the south, there are relatively small houses and in some areas the apartments are not well taken care of.
Many times, the weather is good; not too hot and not too cold. This year however, we were swept with a terrible snowstorm that devastated the area but now we have recovered from it.
Jobs for teens are scarce and you mostly get a job if you know someone
The businesses around this area are primarily Portuguese and are owned by extremely nice people. I love the restaurants especially and everyone is nice to each other.
We have a very good recycling system in town.
Our town's pretty good... (Excluding near Central Falls)
Not much else to say: Normal.
There's a lot of people from many different places although Portuguese and Hispanics are more common than other races.
There's a lot of parks and woods.
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Not much has changed since I've lived here.
We have very good services.
Cumberland isn't so spectacular to attract tourists.
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