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The city of Vallejo is very diverse. The city has something called the Participatory budget; which is where residents of Vallejo vote for what actions they would like to be taken to improve the city. There is a six flag; which is great for when one wants to hang out with friends or family.
Vallejo is a good city and there are many attractions here. For example, there is Mare island, which is a area where there is a ferry that comes from Vallejo and ends up in San Francisco.
Vallejo is a town that you just pass by. Its a town to live in when you ready to settle and have kids but not really for people in their late teens early twenties. Although it has an amusement park, if you live there to long it gets boring. I wish Vallejo was more well rounded although there is a movies, parks and other things there is not much to do when your in you late teens early twenties,
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I like that there is a lot of diversity, but lately, it has been getting a little more unsafe in certain parts of town. Also, the prices have been going up since a lot of people from San Francisco are coming to live here, but overall, a great place!
Vallejo is a misunderstood city. It has such a beautiful views with such strong support within the community. I was born and raised here and came back after college. However, it does have very many problems with rising housing costs, the lack of support for the art community from the local government, and the label of being dangerous that keeps tourism lower than where it should be. In addition to this, public health of the disadvantaged communities could be better.
Vallejo is quite peaceful. There isn’t much to do here, but it is safe. The weather in Vallejo is ideal- not too hot not cold.
Vallejo is in a good central location to all major cities and activities in the bay area but the crime rate is high. The city is low on money and you can see the lack of pride.
What I like about Vallejo is that it is a very diverse city, there is not just one culture but multiple together that makes it so different, that makes it stand out. I would like to see the scenery get better gradually over time. The homeless are also something that I would like to see less in the city, maybe opening up new shelters for them as well.
I love Vallejo because ultimately this is where I''ve grown. This city has cultivated me into a women of strength. Although, I do feel the impact of crime and great drought in employment has created a limit in resources which makes it difficult for those in the lower income communities to find opportunity.
I grew up in Vallejo and attended school there from kindergarten to high school. I would say that Vallejo was more safe when I was younger. When I was in middle school I would walk all over the city with my friends. But a few years ago, Vallejo started to have more theft and violence. Currently, I think the city has improved and have been building more restaurants and shops. I think all the new companies that have been built in the city has definitely improved the city and many different aspects. What I would change now, is ensuring safety within the community.
I would love to see more entertainment activities for the youth. And possible a new stores at the old 4 for less plaza to liven up the city.
I like that there are multiple parks to go to, and there is waterfront with a ferry that goes to SF, however I want to see more things in the downtown.
I currently live in Vallejo, Ca. I Love my city I just want the community to come together more and live a healthy lifestyle. The Vallejo community is a an up and coming community.
I was born and raised in Vallejo. I like how there is an attraction in the city and you don't have to drive far to bring family, friends, and kids. Even though Vallejo is really a big city, it's actually small because everything seems so close.
I've lived in Vallejo for over 14 years and still live here now. Throughout the years that I've lived in Vallejo I've had a good experience living here. One of the most known aspects of Vallejo is that it is a very diverse community. It is one of the most racially and culturally diverse cities in the country.
It is a growing city. We still have way to go. But, I love the diversity I find here: people, food, entertainment.
My experience in vallejo overall is a quality 3.5. They need to offer more healthy food options and healthy grocery stores. For schools students should have better school lunches and remodel if the schools. Everything closes at 9/10 Monday through Friday so it is a poor night life.
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I like how the city is big and diverse. I lived here throughout my whole childhood and I have met numerous people who have impacted me. I have so many memories such as the schools I studied and the sports that I participated in for years. It is where I grew up and I will always remember the memories.
Vallejo is mostly a bedroom community with good restaurants, a beautiful waterfront, and a diverse mix of cultures.
One of the things I appreciate about Vallejo is its location. Vallejo is centrally located between Sacramento and San Francisco California. The overall weather year round is pretty consistent. If it is cold, it's just a short forty-five minute drive north or east to a warmer climate. If it's too hot, a quick forty-five minute drive to San Francisco. However, the downside to that is the bay area traffic. No matter the day of week or time of day, you are bound to run into heavy traffic.
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