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Great and very diverse city. There are peoples from all walks of life in Vallejo. The transportation system makes it affordable and easy to maneuver around the city. There is a ferry, public buses and some buses take you to the near by bart station in ElCerrito. It is growing and continuing to become a home to thousands.
Vallejo is a beautiful city, whether it be from the pier to downtown, the general aesthetic and feel to the city is one of something that a person can call home. Though having occasional hiccups in nightlife and safety, Vallejo is an overall quiet city. Job opportunities never seem sparse, and the schooling is that of mediocre taste.
I like the diversity here as well as the downtown area. There is a great farmers market and the ferry is nice to commute back and forth to San Francisco. I also like the rent prices here since it is quite a bit lower than other places in the Bay Area. I also feel safe here.
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I love living in Vallejo despite the fact that there are many needs here. The public schools have very low ratings and there are still many areas that are not very safe for families. Even through all of this the charm of this city and the wonderful people who live there make it better.
I've lived in Vallejo for most of my life from k to post college adulthood and I've watched it go through so many changes. While I do think Vallejo has always had an unfair reputation, the school system definitely needs a lot of work. The problem with the school system (was better when I was in school), is the problem with most public schools nowadays though paired with lack of parent advocacy/support to hold themselves and schools more accountable. Outside of that there are so many exciting things happening and coming to Vallejo which were long overdue. Housing costs are still better than surrounding cities which is bringing in more professionals from other cities. Vallejo's location is great in that it's in the middle of places like the east bay and wine county.
I live in Vallejo and have my whole life. I am currently a student at a Vallejo school and like it very much. We have a very nice down town complete with farmers markets and parades. There are very good restaurants and plenty of extra curricular activity throughout the city. I recommend Vallejo to anyone who would like to live here. There is school for all ages including 3 colleges that your can attend once you finish high school. There is community college and a complete university. There is some crime in Vallejo but for the most part it is very good.
I live in Vallejo a town in California. This has been my home for 17 years and counting. I love this town regardless of incidents that have happened. I love the town for all the kind people I have met and the diversity. Vallejo is really diverse people come from all over and I find that truly incredible. The culture and different foods we have are great. A few changes I feel we should have are maybe more security. I have had been concerned and have felt unsafe just by walking to school. It can be from a driver almost running me over or some guy following me. If things like that have happened to me it concerns me that it could happen to other and possibly end worst. I would just wish that the safety of the residents in the town would raise more. I just want everyone to be okay and to know that their safety matters.
Vallejo is a suburban neighborhood. I don't know the cost how housing because I am a minor so I don't pay the bills. The charter schools in Vallejo are great schools.
A small city with diverse communities. Safety is my biggest issue since there aren't a lot of policemen patrolling around.
Living in Vallejo is amazing. Just like any city, there is crime and "bad" events. Overall I am very happy to be in a very diverse city with much culture. We are also surrounded by other little cities that have a lot to give.
Vallejo is a diverse city with a great culture of its own. It has a Costco and other really good stores.
I have lived here for about 4 months, I recently purchased a home and I love the area everything is so close to each other and I love how there are so many places to eat and the diversity. Moving from Marin County was very expensive and I
Vallejo is a place with a lot of heart and a diverse community. There is always something taking place; whether it's the local farmers market or an event at the waterfront. Local eateries are astounding, and there is a decent amount of things to do once you're inside the city itself.
Vallejo is my home and I lived here my whole life. We are definitely a diverse community and I feel like that makes us really fimiliar with each other and we get along great. The only thing I would say needs to or should change is our school system as some of our teachers do not like their career choice and then that comes to our kids who won’t be able to learn from them. Vallejo also needs more entertainment as we used to have a bowling alley and a drive in theatre and six flags but now we only have six flags. I hope to see us prosper.
I've lived in Vallejo all my life. It is located in the middle of Sacramento and San Francisco California. We have great weather, never too extreme. Vallejo is also culturally diverse. However, we could improve our schools.
Vallejo is my hometown and I'm glad to be from it. It has a great commute to all locations in the Bay Area and the weather is great. It is never too windy like in SF but isn't hot like towns more inland. One of the best things is the ferry system to SF that is reliable and runs very often. Not all the public schools are the best but some of the charter schools can be great.
Vallejo has a lot of potential, but there is also a real potential for extreme gentrification. There a high homeless population and not enough resources. There is a number of art collectives and community events, such as the farmer's market and art walks. There are a lot of mom and pop shops downtown, but the businesses don't usually last that long.
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Vallejo is such a diverse and close connected city. Everyone here wants to see each other succeed and I think that is beautiful. The schools here are highly academically trained. The local town is very environmental friendly with all the nature that is in it. There are tons to do around the city as well.
There's so much to love about Vallejo. It's a diverse town with a ton of history. There's almost no police presence, which has its pros and cons. The food here is awesome because its not gentrified (yet). There's almost no bars that don't give off a very murdery-vibe. There's a beautiful waterfront and a theme park. We have the worst roads in California (which seems like a real prize when there's places with dirt roads). It's got its dangers, there's gang violence, drug crimes and we have a reputation as the dumping ground for all the Bay Area's unwanted things and people.
I would wish for a safe neighborhood. Although the neighbors are friendly, there is too much strange noises at night, which makes it hard for the citizens to sleep.
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