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There are a lot of criminals around town now.
It is not the safest place in the world, but I am fortunate enough to be in a safe part of town and go to a prestigious high school.
Police is very rarely seen, they appear to be stretched thin in the area. Crime is getting worse but it appears to be mostly vandalism/robberies.
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Quality of life is declining. There is more crime and it is not as safe as it used to be. it no longer feels like a community, everyone is very detached..i would hope to see a better public transportation.
Crime is mainly your average petty theft and attacks, however, murders and j-walk deaths happen way too often in this area.
It's a nice place to live in, but it depends on where. It's not necessarily as bad as some other areas, but it's not exactly good. There are much too many homeless people on the streets and there are less than favorable people moving in to good areas. The town is kind of a mess, but it's not too bad once you get used to it.
the mountain view is the only thing that is beautiful in my street area. You can see the mountains
its okay I have been lucky when i go for walks, however its good to carry protection with you at night.
I dont associate with politics never understood
The weather here is werid here we are pretty much a desert we get hot humaned weather. In the summer its hot our whiners not so much our fall weather is okay but not much cold
not much here but a stater brothers and a small shopping center in the area I live
there is not a lot to do in my area no clubs no good hangouts just a gas station a library and a dollar tree store
We have a stater brothers a C.V.S store a dollar tree 3 mints away, but not a lot in valle vista
The summers here can become unbearable. It gets far too hot
The stores around here are simple and with nothing distinguishing about them
The house here are okay. Nothing too fancy and they seem to look alright
There is a lot of crime and they keep sending free criminals here and it's making this town horrible.
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There should be more businesses and crest jobs for the people that need them
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