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The only thing I see a lot in this area is graffiti.
Overall living here has been pretty good probably not the best but its been good to me.
As an overall experience it is the best. The atmosphere is clear, I would choose to live here, the area is great, and I would like to see less people in the street and less people unemployed with people not getting sick in the hospital over bad health habits and more people going to church
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There is not usually a lot of crime here. Once in a while something will happen but not often.
I would choose to live here all over again. It really is a good neighborhood.
It is an okay area, surrounded by a couple of cops.
This community is very pet friendly, and mostly everyone has pets whether its a bird, cat, dog, hamster, etc. The engagement with the community is fairly well
There are some crimes that go on around here, but for the most part, crimes happen everywhere. I would like for the crime rate to drop. Its not out of control, but crimes do happen. I feel fairly safe because the police are present most of the time, and are quick to respond to any kind of call.
My feeling of the area I grew up in is very neutral. There is neither good or bad. I would like to move somewhere else, but the reason being, I grew up here my whole life, and would like to experience some change.
It's sad when you hear bad stuff in your neighborhood or cities around you.
It's ok. There is always room for improvement.
There is a lot of graffiti around the area. I am probably very numb to it already, but when we drive up the street to West Covina, there is a huge difference. I am used to and feel safe in my area, but i would feel ten times safer if I lived just a little bit up the street.
I enjoy living in La Puente because I've lived in this city all my life. Practically my whole family lives in this area, so I'm kind of forced to love it. I wish it were more clean and the houses were better quality, but it is still an amazing place to live. I am very fortunate to have a family that lives in 10 minutes distance from eachother. I also have a lot of amazing restaurants to eat at nearby. I would probably choose to live somewhere else in the future though.
After living in this area for basically my whole life, neighbors are friendly and say hello. When I am running in the streets, any time i pass by people i tend to smile and i would get a smile back or greetings . I have grown accustomed to how people are around my neighbor and normal we have no problems. I believe it is a welcoming environment as long as one also puts in the effort to be welcoming and friendly.
There is crime around the neighborhood but on the street i currently live in, there has been no crime.
The nearest workout facilities for the public is around the Puente Hills Mall area, but for my family and myself it is in our garage.
There have been times when my neighbors offer help when myself and family are doing yard-work. Also, we frequently give each other the proper greeting of the day. Other than that, we usually carry on with our individual business.
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The weather here is amazing compared to other states in the country. Although, the summer heat may have an impact because it makes individuals want to stay home instead of going outside.
The Puente Hills Mall area has a variety of choices of food that an individual may go to.
Most people that live around the area tend to work for retail or the fast food industry.
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