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Valdese is a small, southern town with lots of character. The residents are friendly. Various shops and a few restaurants along Main Street attract visitors. In the summertime, bands play music for locals.
It's a small town with it's ups and downs. People may know it by the ridiculous commercial about Paramount Ford EXT-113 VALDESE! Some know it from driving by on I-40. I know it is home. I never enjoyed being from there, but when I leave I always find myself missing it.
As someone who has grown up in Valdese, I have grown to appreciate the Mayberry-esque, small-town energy that this community radiates. There are places for friends to group, activities for all ages, shops, car shows, anything and everything a local or visitor could possibly want. While some things can certainly be improved on, such as the 25mph speed limits, I am very humbled and grateful to have grown up in the heart of Valdese and will carry my good times here with me as I move on.
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Valdese is your typical "Mayberry" type town. Small, quaint and friendly this town is a true reflection of the Andy Griffith days.
I like the small yet cozy atmosphere of the city. There is a nice variety of places to tour. But adding in larger and more well-known stores would be a great thing to change.
I love living in this town, beautiful mountains and the feeling of hometown safety.
in the winter skiing in Boone and Ashville, Grand Father Mountain, Table rock, lots of hiking, white water rafting.
lots of traffic/highway construction lately to accomodate road congestion.
we have the best weather, we live withing 45min of mountains so we get to enjoy them and it doesn't get too hot in this area until august.
some good choices if you like fast food. there are some newer restaurants, applebees, golden coral and now building a cracker barrel.
employment in this area morganton, lenoir, hickory is poor. It used to be a booming furniture area, but with the overseas trade now the jobs have left this area.People are having to go back to school or move to other areas to seek jobs.
local businesses are small town typical businesses, lately Morganton has been doing a lot of upgrading of restaurants, shopping centers, housing. This has helped. We now have super walmart, applebees, new belks, petsmart, ross', and several others. this has created some jobs and helped the local shopping.
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