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Valatie is a very beautiful town. It is a mix of the authentic, historical, community that it once was as well as a modern feel. There are plenty of small businesses along Main Street and restaurants for an outing. There are also Farmers Markets to show people what their town has to offer. While it is very beautiful it would be nice to see the village create more programs and activities for children and teens. If there were more options for activities in our community it would keep people in the village and boost the local economy since the money would circulate the community more.
I've lived here my whole entire live for 18 years. It's my home and it's a really kind community. Valatie will always have a special place in heart and once I leave, it will feel weird but I know Valatie will have it own thing.
If you like to live relatively close to a city, but enjoy living in a more rural area, Valatie might be for you. Valatie has a Hannaford grocery store, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Stewarts, CVS, Ocean State Job Lot, 3 banks, a fitness club/trampoline park and a couple of restaurants and eateries. During Autumn Valatie gets crowed with leaf peepers and those wanting to go apple or pumpkin picking or go to a farm stand or hay maze. I have no idea what teenagers do in this town. Maybe they are satisfied with their electronic devices and do care to go anywhere? Taxes are relatively lower compared to larger cities nearby. I'd rather live in a quiet town and drive to shopping and entertainment when needed.
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Valatie is a quiet village with a lot of heart. If you love farming, rural life, and small-town vibes, you will love this town.
I would not choose to live here when I have a family of my own. This area is way too small and very political. If you haven't lived here your entire life it will take a lot of unnecessary effort in order to succeed in different things, especially in high school sports.
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