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Super family friendly. It's quiet and a good place to have younger children. The schools are good considering it's public school. Not a lot of crime.
When my family and I first moved to Vail, we weren't sure of what to expect. However, I have found pros and cons to living on the outskirts of Tucson. The commute time to work or into town is usually terrible, but with living so close to the mountains we have amazing views of the stars every night. There are no fitness centers, but there are walking trails and small parks that make walking a visual treat with the natural desert landscape. The community is family friendly and the school system is one of the best in the state, one of the major factors behind why we moved here. The summers here do get hot, but around June/July, we have monsoon season, which turns the brown desert into a green vibrant environment. I've been a resident here for 3 years now, and I think it's a wonderful, peaceful place to live, perfect for homebodies, young families, retirees, and those trying to reconnect with nature.
The senerary is very, very beautiful. There are many nature parks and great hikes. I love the sunsets and sunrise. But, there is no good entertainment for the youth.
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I like the welcoming community in Vail, I don't like how far you have to drive to places from this area though. Hopefully more will be built soon!
Vail is a very nice family community away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I like the small town feel of Vail. The people are friendly and the sense of community they seem to have here.
It is very rural, and not my scene. Needs more businesses and nightlife. However the schools are great and the town is family friendly.
Vail is a beautiful quiet city surrounded by desert life and friendly neighbors. There is a plethora of hikes and atv trails to chose from. I strongly recommend taking a stroll in the desert after twilight, the stars illuminate the sky. There is only one downfall that I can think of and that would be the commute to the inner city, however, there is freeway that goes directly from Vail to the heart of Tucson. For those that enjoy their space and wildlife, I suggest looking no further than Vail.
A very safe place to live, very quiet. Everyone is very respectful and it's just a great place to grow up.
The town is growing really fast so there's a lot of construction. It's relatively safe and quiet. The main road is very busy but driving isn't too bad.
Vail is an amazing place but is pretty expensive but is worth it. People are very nice and there is virtually not crime.
The houses in Vail are nice, but the people here are rude in the extreme. The school district also has the lowest paid teachers in the state and their curriculum relies too heavily on testing.
Vail is a small community outside of Tucson, AZ on the East side.
The neighborhood is well laid out and and all utilities are established. The crime rate is very low and our schools are A++. I encourage all interested in the area to drive on out and look around.
Growing up in Vail, Arizona was extremely rewarding as a child. The Vail School District is without a doubt one of the best in the state as the teachers were always more than qualified and willing to help students. There wasn't much for nightlife but during the day there was always something to do as there are many areas for hiking, biking and running. For children it was perfect because there were nearby parks that were kid friendly. Most adults and parents had to commute for work because all of the job opportunities were in Tucson but the commute was worth the quality of schools and safety Vail, Arizona provided.
Vail is a quiet town with one of the top school districts in the state. It is close to Tucson which provides jobs, nightlife, higher education and culture.
Tucked away in the foothills of the Rincon mountains, Vail, Arizona rests between two railroad tracks. With breath-taking views of the mountains and hills, Vail is home to people of all ages. Del Webb at Rancho del Lago boasts a luxurious 55+ community with great accommodations. The younger population lives in the surrounding areas and brings a great level of diversity to the community. The Vail School District is among the top ranked districts in the state and has received national attention for their academic achievements. Vail is a town that I would be happy to retire in because of how full of life it is.
Small town but right outside Tucson! We get the best of both worlds in Vail! Hiking and Colossal Cave are great.
In Vail Arizona there are many kind and friendly people here. After living in the area for a few years, I can see how it is beginning to grow quite quickly. Neighborhoods are now beginning to fill with people and kids. The noise levels are still quiet in the neighborhoods. Many parts of the area are still desert. Then there are many nice views of the sky at sunset and at night. The roads are beginning to widen and sidewalks are being added as well. Sidewalks are a change that is needed in this area because people like walk in the mornings and kids walk to school as well. It is a nice place to live.
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Vail is a great place to live nd raise kids. The school district is fantastic!! The community is great they care and will do anything to help.
Nice, quiet community with a great school system. My family and I have enjoyed living in this community for the past 3 years.
It's a beautiful town with a lot of friendly people! I love it here! Everything you need is close by, and the town is beginning to expand, and more stores are being built.
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